Agribusiness Management, Finance and Marketing

Farming and Agribusiness

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Duration: 1 Week

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5 days course


Quality management systems;


  • Farm planning; Preparing a business plan;
  • Integrated production plans.
  • Non-Specialist Accounting and Finance
  • Marketing and Consumer Behaviour
  • Business Economics


Agrofood systems and chains


  • The agrofood system: a comprehensive overview
  • The chain: a feature of the agrofood system
  • Agro-industry: strategic component of the agrofood chain


Organization principles for producers’ associations


  • The Producers’ Association: concepts and traditional legal forms
  • Linkages between producers’ associations and other actors in the chain


Planning for producers’ associations


  • Market knowledge as a basis for planning
  • Planning: a key factor for competitiveness
  • Conclusions on the case study


Post-harvest and marketing


  • Post-harvest and distribution
  • Quality as a factor of market differentiation
  • Exploiting new information and communication technologies
  • Capacity building manual – Facilitators’ guide
  • In the initial phase
  • In the basic phase
  • In the practical phase
  • In the assessment phase