Management and Leadership Courses (Classroom)

Management and Leadership training Courses creates an opportunity for employees to reach new heights and achieve set goals. Management and Leadership Courses will help you to develop the skills that are essential for all leaders and managers.
LPC Training provides distinctive and high-quality Management and  Leadership Training Courses in London - Dubai - Kuala Lumpur - Istanbul - Paris - Madrid - Geneva - Barcelona  - New York and  other cities around the world.
Browse the list of Management and Leadership courses provided by LPC Training below and complete information requests for any that may be of interest to you

All Courses

Course Name Length
Advanced Organizational Development (OD) Practitioners Programme 5 Days
Advanced Teamwork and Cooperation Skills 5 Days
Agile Business Analysis Programme 5 Days
Agile Team Facilitation (ICP-ATF) 5 Days
Artificial Intelligence for Business and Organisations 5 Days
Artificial Intelligence for Executives : Creating and Capturing Value Through Artificial Intelligence 5 Days
Artificial intelligence: business strategies and applications 5 Days
Best Practices in Multi Shift Operations 5 Days
Bowtie Risk Management and Mitigation 5 Days
Building Organisational development Capability: Strategy and Execution 5 Days
Building Task Leadership Skills 10 Days
Business Continuity & Crisis Management 5 Days
Business Planning – Development and Analysis Programme 10 Days
Business Process Analysis & Modelling 5 Days
Business Process Analysis Training 5 Days
Business Process Design for Strategic Management 5 Days
Business Process Improvement & Process Mapping 5 Days
Business Process Management & Modeling met BPMN.104 5 Days
Business Start-Up Training 5 Days
Business Strategy and Change 5 Days
Business Strategy Essentials 5 Days
Business Sustainability Management 5 Days
Certified Business Development Professional 5 Days
Certified KPI Professional and Practitioner 5 Days
Change Management 5 Days
Change Management Strategies and Conflict Resolution 5 Days
Coaching Skills 5 Days
Coaching Skills for Managers 5 Days
Communicating for Influence and Impact 5 Days
Communication for Development (C4D) 3 Days
Community Development and Leadership 5 Days
Continuous Innovation and Process Development Training 5 Days
Contract and Commercial Management Practitioner - CCMP 5 Days
Corporate Governance and Compliance Training 5 Days
Corporate Reputation Management 5 Days
Crisis Communication Management Training 5 Days
Crisis Management and Organisational Resilience 5 Days
Crisis Management and Response Measures 5 Days
Developing Senior Management Competences Training 5 Days
Digital Leadership Programme 5 Days
Digital Transformation and Innovation 10 Days
Digital Transformation Strategy 5 Days
Directors Development Programme 5 Days
Document Control and Records Management 5 Days
Effective Business Decisions Using Data Analysis 5 Days
Effective Communication and Feedback Skills 5 Days
Effective Communication Skills 5 Days
Effective Decision Making and Problem Solving 5 Days
Effective Leadership Training 5 Days
Effective Virtual Communication Skills for Remote Teams 5 Days
Emotional Intelligence: EQ for Innovative Leadership and Corporate Teamwork 5 Days
Engineering Leadership for Emerging Leaders 5 Days
Entrepreneurship and Leadership skills 5 Days
Essential Leadership Skills for Supervisors & Managers 5 Days
Essentials of Stakeholder Management training 5 Days
Foundations for Business Leadership 5 Days
Getting Things Done “GTD “Training 5 Days
Giving and Receiving Constructive Feedback 5 Days
Global Business Leadership & International Relations 5 Days
Governance, Risk and Compliance 5 Days
Government Oversight and Empowerment of NGOs: Managing, Sustaining, and Fostering Social Entrepreneurship 5 Days
Handling Information Overload 5 Days
Information Technology (IT) Leadership Skills 5 Days
Integrated Management Systems and Risk Management Strategies 10 Days
Interpersonal and Communication Skills 5 Days
Introduction to Organisational Resilience 5 Days
Introduction to Study Design and Research Methods 5 Days
Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Optimisation 5 Days
Knowledge Management Essentials 5 Days
Leadership Development and Preparation Training Program 5 Days
Leadership Fundamentals Training 5 Days
Leadership Programme for Senior Executives 5 Days
Leadership, Creativity and Peak Performance 5 Days
Leading and Managing Virtual Team, Best Practices 5 Days
Leading Digital Transformation and Innovation 5 Days
Leading Organizational Resilience Programme 5 Days
Leading with Resilience 5 Days
Major Account Planning Training 5 Days
Management Skills for New Managers 5 Days
Managing Partnerships and Strategic Alliances 5 Days
Master Class, Quality Performance Leadership 5 Days
Mastering Business Analysis: Path to Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP) 5 Days
Mastering of Business Administration ( MBA) 10 Days
Mastering Strategic Execution 5 Days
Mastering Supervisory Skills 5 Days
Mastering Team Leadership Skills 5 Days
Mini MBA - in Management and Leadership 5 Days
Monitoring & Evaluation for Governance 5 Days
Online Reputation Management (ORM) 5 Days
Operational Planning & Rules 5 Days
Operational Risk Management & Resilience 5 Days
Operational Risk Management and Mitigation 5 Days
Operations Design Management Training 5 Days
Operations Management and Development Training 10 Days
Organisational Development Masterclass 5 Days
Performance Measurement in Public Sector 5 Days
Performance Measurements, Continuous Improvement & Benchmarking 5 Days
Project Leadership Management and Communications 5 Days
Public Policy Analysis 5 Days
Public Policy Development 5 Days
Public Sector Management and Reform 5 Days
Risk Management Professional Training 5 Days
Stakeholder Engagement Training 5 Days
Strategic Business Intelligence 5 Days
Strategic Business Management Course and Evaluation of Strategic Plans, Policies and Analysis 5 Days
Strategic Planning Using the Balanced Scorecard 5 Days
Strategic Planning, Communication, Measurement and Implementation 10 Days
Strategic Planning, Development and Implementation Training 5 Days
Strategic Thinking for the CXO 5 Days
Strategies for Leading Successful Change Initiatives 5 Days
Stress & Anger Management In The Workplace 3 Days
Sustainability Reporting Training 5 Days
Systems Thinking in Analysing Problems 5 Days
Team Building: Developing High Performance Teams 5 Days
The Balanced Scorecard: Achieving Performance Excellence 5 Days
The Effective Supervisor - Team Leader 5 Days
The Evolving Role of the Managing Director 5 Days
The IT Leadership Programme 5 Days
The Leadership Journey, Communication and Innovation 5 Days
The Power of Positive Thinking and Attitude at Workplace 5 Days
The Practical Leader: Developing and Leading High Performing Teams 5 Days
The Professional Negotiator 5 Days
The Role of the Director and the Board 5 Days
The Strategic Leadership Programme 5 Days
The Three-Dimensions of Leadership 5 Days
The Voice of Leadership 5 Days
Value Creation: Developing Strategy and Decision Making 5 Days
Venture Capital: Investing in Early-Stage Startups 5 Days
Women`s Leadership Programme 5 Days
Workplace Innovation and Productivity Skills 5 Days
Writing Effective Policies and Procedures Training 5 Days