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5 days course


Methodology of Outsourcing Contracts and its Importance


  • Importance of outsourcing contracts in logistics services
  • Understanding the basic knowledge of outsourcing
  • Understanding the different types of logistics contracts
  • Concept of third party logistics outsourcing
  • Understanding the legal structure of logistics contracts


General Outline of Logistics Contracts


  • Understanding the letter of intent
  • Format and structure of the contracts for logistics services
  • Services undertaken under 3PL
  • Understanding the obligations of 3PL providers and obligations of customers
  • Understanding the concept of “Liability, Insurance, clause of “Force Majeure”
  • Sub-contracting in logistics
  • Duration of work and termination
  • Importance of data protection
  • Intellectual property and dispute resolution and laws governed
  • Laws relating to transaction


Contracts Governing logistics Services


  • For logistic services of goods by roads
  • Format of applications and contract documents
  • Understanding the liability of the transportation company
  • Respond to claims and actions
  • For logistic services of goods by sea
  • Format of application and legal requirements
  • Understanding the international competence for transportation
  • Elements of the contract
  • Understanding the liability of the transportation company
  • Respond to claims and actions


Logistic Services by Air and Rail


  • Methodology of transportation
  • Understanding the different contracts relating to transportation
  • Liability of the transportation company
  • Understanding and maintain relationship with different railways
  • Concept of “multimodal transport”
  • Understanding the United Nations Convention on International Multimodal Transport of Goods 1980
  • Understanding the UNCTAD/ICC rules and documents for multimodal transportation


Warehousing Contract for logistics Services


  • Understanding the liabilities and obligations of the warehouse owner
  • Legal requirements and documentation and contracts
  • Understanding the SUZEN Case and methods of outsourcing
  • Different elements of insurance contracts , legal requirements
  • Understanding of the damages and insurance for damage
  • Review of the course and “Question and Answer session”

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