Effective Appraisals and Performance Management Training

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Duration: 1 Week

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5 days course


Methodology of Appraisal and Performance managment 
  • Introduction to performance appraisal
  • Importance of performance appraisal
  • Techniques for performance appraisal and assessment
  • Importance of ethics in performance appraisal
  • Performance management cycle and purpose of the annual performance review
  • Organisations’ performance appraisal process


Formulation of a Successful Appraisal Scheme
  • Distinguishing between “Formal” and “Informal” systems
  • How is appraisal conducted? And Who conducts a performance appraisal?
  • Developing a policy statement
  • Formulating and implementing a “formal” appraisal scheme


Different Forms of Appraisal
  • Understanding the concept of “Management by Objectives” (MBO)
  • Concept of Behaviourally anchored rating scale(BARS)
  • Concept of Behaviour observation scale (BOS)
  • Understanding which form of appraisal is efficient for use
  • How to overcome the problems in performance appraisal


KPI in Performance Appraisal and Assessment
  • Identifying the key indicators or issues in performance assessment
  • Efficient methods in assessing (Employee personal problems)
  • Evaluate a performance appraisal system and reviewing
  • Performance appraisal and its understanding in multi-cultural environment
  • Developing a personal action plan


The Day of the Appraisal Interview
  • Training on handling the common problems of failure and mistakes
  • Training on preparation and planning for an appraisal interview
  • Certain tips on handling appraisal interviews
  • How to use emotional intelligence? And understanding the feedback
  • Real Training on appraisal interview – with role plays
  • Review of the course and “Question and Answer session”

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