Training Management and Organisational Learning for Oil and Gas Industries

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5 days course

Organisational Learning Explored
– The concept of learning.
– How does learning differ in the Oil & Gas Industry.
– Behavioural and other psychological theories.
– Implications of organisational learning practices.
– The idea of organisational learning.
– Redefining organisational learning.

Training Management Explored
– Managing the training function strategically.
– Training in the Oil & Gas sector.
– The importance of cost-benefit & ROI.
– The concept of talent management.
– Differentiating succession management & talent management.
– Nationalisation issues.

Leading Organisation Change
– An experience of change.
– Change at the team level.
– Change at the organisational level.
– Key drivers of change.
– Change management.
– Case Studies of change management in the Oil & Gas Industry.

Organisational Development (OD) Explored
– History of OD.
– Organisational development today.
– Maslow and Hertzberg & The Hawthorne effect.
– Case studies: Putting OD into practice.
– Diagnostic tools for OD.
– Organisational Structures.

Becoming a Learning Organisation
– Comprehending the learning organisation.
– Characteristics of a learning organisation.
– Are you ready to change?
– Benefits and barriers.
– The Fifth Discipline.
– Personal action planning.