6 best steps to becoming a professional tour guide

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Posted on Jun 18, 2022 at 04:06 PM


Suppose you are looking to be a professional tour guide. In that case, you will spend most of your time interacting with different people and tourists from all over the world to learn about the best areas and attractions differently.


A tour guide career requires to be social with people, love this work and enjoy its details, and be loving to learn about the cultures and features of the country you live in, to show it to tourists wonderfully and differently, even if you have no experience, you do not need previous experience to be a professional tour guide.


When you travel and meet a professional tour guide, this guide will take you on a tour through which you are thoroughly familiar with the city's interior and landmarks and tell you about its details and cultures that you cannot know without the guide. Being a tourist in a country, you always need guidance from inner-city professionals during your tourist visit.


Suppose you want to be a professional tour guide offering many tourist services for various tours and tours. In that case, you should follow the steps to help you become a certified destination management executive in your field.


Who is A tour guide?

The tour guide is generally responsible for developing and implementing most tourism programs. His duties vary according to the mission and may include conducting walking tours, providing historical facts or cultural information, comments on the sites visited, and answering tourists' questions.


Tour guides can also be summoned by travel agencies, museums, galleries and other institutions due to their high culture, ability to attract tourists and perception of an unparalleled tourist experience.


It is worth noting that the function of a tour guide is challenging because it is expected that tour guides will have extensive knowledge of the subject they offer and the ability to communicate effectively with others so that the guide can stand out.

professional tour guide

6 best tips to become a professional tour guide:


1- Possess the necessary skills

To be a company's professional tour guide, you must work on your voice, facial expressions, gestures, body language and how to communicate effectively with strangers, interact with and tell them various stories comfortably, and master the language required to communicate with them. 

You should also have a guide or enough information to show tourists and not be reluctant to learn new information, cultures, and places constantly. It is not right to keep telling the same stories to tourists without paying attention to whether there is more fun and profound news and constantly getting to know strangers.


2- Be flexible

You should also be a person close to the heart and loved by tourists and foreigners, knowledgeable about how to deal with all different people, human varieties and nature and not mind attending some courses that deal with strangers to develop your communication skills. You will come across all kinds of characters and psychologists.

Suppose you happen to meet with a nervous person or grandfather. In that case, you must have the tools and methods to deal with this personality, interact with it positively, lovingly and generously, and offer her kindness and positive things.

But don't worry too much about these characters, because most tourists have a great mood. They're ready for fun, adventure and thrill times. This will be the most special day for them, so as a professional tour guide you have to help them and make it a historic day for all the tourists you'll meet.


3- Organise your time accurately

You cannot become a good tour guide if you are not a balanced and accurate personality on your dates and organise them properly. When you date tourists at some point, visitors need to be present at this time to do the coordinated tour.

Even if 10 minutes, your delay is a bad sign and will leave visitors with a negative impression that the times are not being correctly regulated and may spoil many of the plans they have organised in advance based on the timing. If visitors are delayed from visiting time or entering the city, you need to be patient in the meantime.

Tourists are always busy, of course, and time is not theirs because travellers often have some problems that they may have to delay for some time, and they have been mainly organised and positive during these events.


4- Be a good leader

You must have a strong personality, step up to visitors, introduce yourself to them, be a professional Dale, and get to know yourself well and kindly. It's okay with some light humour and mood-enhancing words to create some kind of positive attitude energy between you and them.

But of course, you may face some negative people on the same journey, where you will have to act positively and carefully with these people and manage the flight well, it is up to the guide whether he wants a safe and happy journey or will create problems.

Be a robust and rigorous leader, so you don't let bad people ruin the journey, control other people, or offer them any abuse or inconvenience. If that happens and you don't behave properly, that's a wrong signal for you at the professional level for guides.

Nor do you allow anyone to talk to you about your personal affairs or impose undesirable work on you or visitors. Make it a beautiful, safe and enjoyable journey within the working framework, without something else personal to spoil a tourist's journey, mood or program.


5- Select the tourism area you want to operate in

There are many areas where you can work as a tour guide, from which you can choose to suit your ambitions, agenda or usual way of life.

You can be a tour guide member by accompanying guides or work on a tourist bus as a guide-driver, telling them general stories of what they see around them via a connected microphone on the bus.

You can work as a lecturer in a museum, and here you need to know the history of the museums you work with, the old stories about them, tell them to all tourists in detail, and be prepared for any question.

There are also professional tour guides in forests, deserts, large parks or paddling places; These jobs will be very convenient for adventure fans and guide tourists there.


6- Get professional tour guide training

It is preferable to have a university degree in tourism and travel. It is essential to have an excellent and reliable English course and training courses to refine general skills in this field. For example, you can attend hospitality training courses in Dubai to learn about the essential steps to becoming a professional tour guide, interacting etiquette, hospitality, and dealing with visitors.


In conclusion, 

The career of a professional tour guide is a prestigious and essential profession in all countries. It is worth noting that this profession requires you, along with your academic studies, to be a fan of this job and a lover of landmarks and history, passionate about learning more about cultures and tourist attractions.

You also need to be social and excited, not mind identifying new people, interacting with them in the right and effective ways, and giving them a full explanation of all the details. Their tour guide is a positive and welcoming card issued.