Emotional Intelligence is Crucial to Your Business. Learn Why!


Posted on Jan 23, 2022 at 07:01 AM

Emotional intelligence or the Emotional Quotient (EQ) stands for people's ability to control and handle feelings and sympathize with others both indirectly and on the worldwide level of feelings and actions. In one way or another, it affects the way someone interacts with the community on both personal and job levels.

Considering a business-wise perspective, even with many other elements of business prosperity, Good emotional Intelligence is critical for letting businesses be or not be.


The difference between IQ and EQ:

It is the same as book-smart and street-smart key difference, as IQ (Intelligence Quotient) measures mental abilities to process knowledge, reasoning, and working memory by several tests to measure an individual intelligence. 

At the same time, EQ (Emotional Intelligence) expresses a person's ability to understand emotions in general, which is considered a fantastic leadership skill for all business categories.


Four reasons why EQ is essential to business:

Given that more companies need leadership training courses in London all in all, you need to take this as a significant sign of the importance of EQ, and here's the most important reason why you should upgrade your EQ skills:


- Better performance and collaboration:

With 2022 different options to get the work done either remotely or in-person, good emotional intelligence is required; thus, it will enhance workers' performance and collaboration, reaching the whole working process.

Therefore, many companies today are putting EQ tests before hiring, considering a good working environment.


- Physical health

Imagine if you don't have emotional intelligence and deal with different types of characters all the time, that's for sure, will cause you high levels of stress-causing physical illness, such as; Raising blood pressure and heart attacks.

Therefore, this is bigger than business-related effects, which is why taking care of your EQ means taking care of your physical health.


- Mental health

Human beings are built with sensitivity and emotion, so getting uncomfortable or incomprehensible emotions from others may cause us depression or anxiety, leading to more serious mental problems. 

In addition, this is where emotional intelligence takes control to help us avoid it, understand the feelings around us that are sound and clear, and enjoy incredible mental stability.


- Positive Company Culture

This is not a trend to follow, but a real impact on workers. When a company cares about its emotional intelligence, it creates a safe work environment, improves the workflow, and creates a culture that attracts talented workers.

Studies have shown that companies with positive cultures have higher annual revenues, which is a real deal.


How to improve emotional intelligence:

Since; we established the importance of EQ; it is time to shed light on experts' best tips to boost your EQ:

- Self-management:

Emotional intelligence is a critical factor in controlling emotions and impulses, and that is important to success in life, expressing all those feelings at the right time and place.


- Self-awareness:

Always start with yourself, and know the problems you are suffering from, work to solve them, not avoid them, start building your emotional intelligence, and even become an influential leader in your company.


- Social skills:

Look around you, and anything is based on social interaction, which is why good communication means good problem solving, more than that; a better and winning team.


- Motivation:

Motivate yourself to start having emotional stability and even more.

You can use one of today's latest motivation methods when you just count the great things that you are grateful for in your life to make yourself happier.


- Sympathy

Sympathy is not about feeling sorry for people, but; it is about getting their problems and challenges, moreover; understanding them, and trying to see the problem from their perspective.


In conclusion, Emotional Intelligence is highly desirable as a leadership skill. Moreover, you must be your leader and let emotional intelligence be part of your life.