Soft vs Hard Facilities Management: Learn Key Differences?

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Posted on Apr 14, 2022 at 08:04 PM

Are you searching for Soft vs Hard Facilities Management? You are not alone. Many business founders do not understand the difference between soft and hard facilities management that they should use to manage their day-to-day operations.


Let us help you with that! This guide will define and differentiate between soft and hard facilities management to know what services are available to you as an SMB owner and determine if you need one or both types of services to grow your business.


What is Facility Management (FM)?

All business categories require specific criteria to guarantee the working process's efficiency, safety, and security. That is the significant role of facility management to build an effective working process and improve the company environment and culture.

The facilities management set differs from one company to another depending on the organisation's requirements. Still, the existence of the two facilities management, in hard and soft services form, is a must in the company's success journey.


There is no soft vs hard facility management in ensuring that the business is managed effectively. On the contrary, all advanced facilities management training courses highlight that the two of them significantly impact the efficiency of the working process.

Yet, to ensure the daily safety, health, and welfare of the organisation's two components, the physical space and employees' wellbeing, you need to apply the required soft FM and hard FM services.


What are Hard Facilities Management Services?

Hard facilities management services, or hard FM, are all the essential services attached to the building. In other words, they are the physical component of the property that cannot be removed.

More than that, well working hard services ensure the workforce and workplace safety and continuation in the best possible conditions from all aspects. Furthermore, most hard services are required by law from all organisations.

Soft vs Hard Facilities Management: Learn Key Differences?

Types of Hard FM:

  • Plumbing.
  • Electrical system.
  • Mechanical equipment.
  • Fire protection system.
  • Heating and cooling system.
  • Lighting.
  • Building maintenance.


Why are Hard FM services essential?

From what was listed above, we could tell that hard facilities management services are necessary to the functioning of the building and the company and to be a human suitable environment, thus, providing a suitable place for the working team.


What are Soft Facilities Management Services?

Soft facilities management services, or soft FM services, typically involve all the services that employees and clients use to make the company's environment more pleasant and secure for all the occupants.


Although soft services are not forced on companies by law, unlike hard FM services, and some may consider their extra features, they have a considerable impact on employees' wellbeing and productivity. However, what soft facilities management services type your business requires depends on your company's nature.


Types of Soft FM:

  • Decorating and landscaping.
  • Catering services.
  • Cleaning services.
  • Ground maintenance.
  • Building security.
  • Waste management.
  • IT services.


Why are Soft FM services essential?

As mentioned previously, you can notice that soft facility management types are all working on making the company’s space safer and more comfortable. Thus, helping the employees work better and focus more, will boost the company's productivity and revenue, the ultimate two factors for any business's success.

Soft vs Hard Facilities Management: Learn Key Differences?

The Difference Between Soft and Hard Facilities Management:

Considering that soft services and hard services are integrally linked, create an efficient working environment. Still, there are some differences to mention:


1- Hard Facilities Management Services:

All hard facility services are physically attached to the building, cannot be removed, and commonly are forced by law on all organisations' headquarters.

Hard facility management services work to improve the building itself, its maintenance, and the quality of presented services.


2- Soft Facilities Management Services:

Soft facility services are the added facilities to the company's or organisation's space, are not forced by the law, and the different number of applied soft FM depends on each company or business profession definition.

Moreover, soft facility management services aim to boost the quality of the company's environment with more comfort and better services available for employees and clients.


3- Tips to Manage Soft vs Hard Facilities Management:

Since we established the fact that all companies require hard FM services and their own set of soft FM services, it is now time to apply the rules of facilities management training courses in London by following the following tips:

  • Plan well according to your facility's core needs and requirements, and do not just apply soft and hard services methods.
  • Improve the working process by constantly updating your facility's management plan due to your business's recent data, information, and responsibilities.
  • Be sustainable, and use the last inventions and eco-friendly materials.
  • Maintain your space by applying a yearly maintenance process covering all your building facilities and departments.


In Conclusion,

It is more like soft and hard services than soft vs hard facilities management, so know your company's needs, plan well, and apply the required services today in your company.


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