The Agile Manifesto: The New Evolution Map to Remove the Barriers to Greater Success

Agile Manifesto

Posted on Nov 20, 2023 at 09:11 PM

The changes brought about by the Agile Manifesto are crucial. It was necessary to find solutions to the complexities of the programs that constitute a barrier to developing the quality of the various projects. 

Here, the significant role of the Agile Manifesto methodology appeared in modernising the traditional software used in entrepreneurship.

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What is an Agile Manifesto?

Agile Manifesto is a set of statements articulating 4 values and 12 principles for developing business programs away from complex traditional program management. Since the Agile Manifesto does not specify any business methodologies, it focuses on creating an agile project management software tool better, more quickly, and with higher quality.

Project management always needs extensive and sufficient experience to carry out its operations, and here, the Agile Manifesto helped simplify this management. However, enrolling in a Project Management Short Course is vital to learn more skills and experience.

The Agile Manifesto is not recent because teams have constantly developed software systems using many agile methods. But in fact, Agile was the first to document these methods.

The agile software development process helps focus on achieving quality as a priority and on practices that achieve better business results. This is by creating products that satisfy the customer's requirements.

In short, an Agile Manifesto is a methodology that provides customer satisfaction by creating a work environment that matches the goals and supports the ability to be flexible during the emergence of any different changes.

The Agile Manifesto includes 4 core values and 12 principles. These values and principles represented a new, smoother way to manage any programming system for the new generations. Read on to learn how agile has influenced how software is developed.


What are the principles and values of an Agile Manifesto?

The four principles include:

Agile Manifesto

  • Focus on the people on the team:

Own human resources are the most important factor for product success. When the project team works correctly, it brings more value.


  • The comprehensiveness of program documents:

Agile Manifesto reduces the time spent documenting software for development. Here, we mention using Agile Manifesto, such as (user stories), which is comprehensive and saves time. That is, it is a different process than before.


  •  Customer participation in negotiation:

It consists of regularly sharing the customer's opinion throughout the project. The importance of this value is highlighted in that it helps to create a product with specifications that meet the customer's requirements. Through this value, customers understand their preferred basic requirements more after expressing their opinions.


  •  Respond to changes:

It's the opposite of the old methodology that tries to make changes as little as possible. The emergence of the Agile Manifesto has helped add real value to the change method, offering benefits to new capabilities. In short, change must be met strategically in ways that reflect positively on the business.


What are the foundations of an Agile Manifesto?

Agile has many foundations that need to be taken into consideration. Here are the highlights:


  • Priority of customer satisfaction with early and continuous delivery of programmes 

This principle focuses on customer satisfaction by delivering software regularly throughout the project life cycle. That is, away from the one-stop software final delivery methodology.


  • Flexibility in facing changes

Changes must be faced in positive ways that produce satisfactory results. Here, you must have the flexibility to meet these changes, even if they appear at the end of the project.


  • Create a programme that organises delivery regularly

The Agile Manifesto demonstrates the importance of breaking down a project into smaller tasks that you can deliver periodically, according to specific timelines. According to the scrum methodology, these programs last about 1 to 4 weeks.

  • Developer collaboration with stakeholders

It is also essential that this collaboration continues until the end of the project. The goal is for everyone to stay fully informed on the project and ensure the objectives align with them.


  • Relying on distinguished individuals

Choosing a staff is a complex and time-consuming task. However, the lost time will not affect them negatively. Focusing on selecting distinguished individuals plays a positive role in work results. So, support them with resources and give them confidence.


  • Face-to-face meetings are more efficient in conveying information

It is best to get information to the team in real-time, away from phone calls or text and voice messages. You can also conduct a meeting on dedicated software. This principle focuses on further interaction during the session and information transfer.


  •  Quality is the first significant factor.

It is a strategy that brings success to the business fruitfully. The first goal of every planning step in the work is to achieve the highest quality standards. Otherwise, the project will undoubtedly be incomplete or will fail in the end.


  •  Focus on continuity of development.

This is achieved when always committing to the project's progress without interruption. Thus, permanent and rapid development is completed.


  •  Constant creativity and innovation

Simply put, it is the hallmark of successful and distinguished people. A project is not considered unique if it does not offer advanced products, even if they are of good quality. Excellence is through continuous innovation and development in each period.

  • Avoid complexity

Agile Manifesto focuses on simplicity and avoiding complex add-ons with no value. The important thing is to achieve quality and win customer satisfaction.

  • Support the team to be self-organised.

When the team works independently without extensive guidance, they will work more freely according to their ideas and share their different experiences. It will also give their creativity the freedom to employ it. This is what achieves more advanced work results.

  •  Constant monitoring of your team avoids obstacles.

This principle indicates the importance of monitoring team performance. It helps in identifying problems before they arise. It also helps to know what can be improved in the future.


In Conclusion, 

Comprehensive Agile Manifesto is the new discipline that has further advanced the scope of software development to support productivity and quality.