Business Start-Up Training

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Duration: 1 Week

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5 days course


You as a Founder
  • Discuss the key roles of the founder and use tools to discover and discuss your abilities and competencies, and the founder role that will suit you best.




Your Offer and Value


  • Develop your core value proposition, evaluate it for clarity, and discuss how to validate demand for your idea.




Your Market


  • Learn how to realistically define your market, and how to plan a phased approach to market entry.




Your Target Customer
  • Develop personas for your customers, to uncover their needs and design a more tailored proposition.





Your Resources and Money


  • Learn how to properly cost your plans, estimate the resources required to reach key business milestones, set prices, prepare cashflow forecasts, and look at sources of funding to support your business.


How to Pitch
  • This session covers the essential elements of a business pitch, and how to tailor your presentation to different audiences.




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