Effective Construction Site Management

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Length: 1 Week

Type: Online

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  • Feb-06-2023


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5 days course

Introduction to Quality Control and Safety During Construction


  • Features of Construction Industry·
  • Mobility of Facilities·
  • Multiplicity of Agencies·
  • Access To Site And Site Roads·
  • Types of Construction·
  • Temporary Services·
  • Storage for Materials·
  • Storing Various Construction Materials Lime·
  • Roofing Materials ·
  • Site Protection·
  • Additional Security Measures to Take
Managing the Quality of Construction Works


  • Quality systems, procedures and standards for construction works
  • Management of systems to monitor and control the quality of work
  • Use of recycled and recovered materials and quality control
Managing Health, Safety, Welfare and Risk in Construction Works


  • The application of current Construction Design and Management (CDM) regulations, or equivalent
  • Health, Safety and Welfare legislation and influences on working practices in the construction industry
  • Health, Safety and Welfare management on construction projects
Estimating and Measuring Work within a Construction Environment & Construction Site Traffic Management


  • Estimation processes for a construction tender
  • Producing a valuation for construction work
  • Minimising vehicle movements
  • Reversing vehicles
  • Signs, warning devices and visibility
  • Traffic Management
  • Traffic management plans
Managing Sub-Contractors within a Construction Environment


  • Site Managers in the selection of sub-contractors following industry best practice
  • Planning the work of sub-contractors in accordance with industry standards
  • Managing sub-contractors on site
  • Managing the conservation of traditional building

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