Road Construction Materials and Construction Technologies Training

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Length: 1 Week

Type: Online

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  • Apr-10-2023


  • May-15-2023


  • June-12-2023


  • July-10-2023


  • Aug-14-2023


  • Sep-11-2023


  • Oct-16-2023


  • Nov-13-2023


  • Dec-11-2023


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Course Outline

5 days course

 An introduction to road construction materials 
  • The used materials for road embankment, road pavement (gravel roads, surface dressed roads, paved roads, etc)
  • Material properties
  • Soil and subbase: Standard tests to determine the engineering properties of road materials 
  •  Standard tests to determine the engineering properties of road materials
Asphalt Mixtures


  • Types of Asphalt Mixtures
  • Hot mix asphalt concrete
  • Worm mix asphalt concrete
  • Cold mix asphalt concrete
Design of Asphalt Concrete Mixture
  • Testing of materials used in the asphalt mix (course aggregate, fine aggregate, mineral filler, binder etc.)
  • Specification requirements
  •  Blinding of aggregate
  • Graduation of blinded aggregates
  • Marshal method for design of asphalt mixtures; volumetric relationships, optimum bitumen content, tolerance, job mix formula
Quality Control and Quality Assurance in Road Construction
  • The importance of quality control in road construction processes
  • Selecting of materials sources
  • Testing of materials
  • Inspection of the executed work
  • Testing the executed work
  • Filling the test result for quality assurance process
  • Quality assurance in road construction processes
Road Construction Technology
  • Introduction to the new technologies in road construction
  • New equipment’s, new techniques used in road construction

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