Advanced Business and Financial Reporting using Excel

Advanced Business and Financial Reporting using Excel

Monday 14 June 2021

  • Duration: One Week
  • City: Madrid
  • Fees: Classroom: 4250 GBP / Online: 1925 GBP



This course is highly recognized excel courses for accountants. We will also provide a step by step manual of all the tricks you can do using Excel spreadsheets to gain better management reporting and budgeting skills. It is a fundamental program for professional Managers. Excel spread sheets are the most powerful tool, extensively used for reporting and analysis. Having advanced skills on excel can excel your career and help you to stand ahead of the competitive job market. Advanced skills on excel is a must for any potential professional leader.


  • Advance learners Excel skills to new heights of business reporting expertise.
  • Plan efficient business reporting and reconciliation models.
  • Design, prepare, and email business and accounting reports in minutes.
  • Develop dynamic business dashboards and scorecards to assist professionals in measuring performance and enhance decision-making.
  • Use advanced report development techniques by linking-up Excel with Access, Web, Text, SQL, Oracle, and other databases.
  • Use macros to speed-up their routine and repetitive tasks.

The Course Outline:

Day 1

The Advanced Tools

  • Dynamic Consolidation and Multiple Consolidation Ranges.
  • Data Validation.
  • Multiple Scenario Manager.
  • Pivot Tables? Advanced.
  • List, Check, Option, and Spinner Data Modelling.
  • Advanced Formulas Techniques.
  • Data Tables.

Day 2

Dynamic Data Consolidating

  • How a Model Should Work.
  • Designing the Input, Process, and Output.
  • Developing a Forecasted Financial Statement.
  • Developing Financial Statements Using the GL.
  • Prepare Vendor and Customer Analysis Reports.
  • Build Automated Budgeting and Business Models.
  • Two-Dimensional Data Tables

Day 3

Dashboarding and Scorecards

  • The Ultimate Business Reporting Tool.
  • Creating your Flash Management.
  • Updating your Dashboard in One Click.
  • Using Dynamic Labelling and Dynamic Graphing.
  • Designing and Building Scorecards.

Day 4

Advanced Report Development

  • Working with External Data Sources.
  • Connecting to Text and Importing from Delimited Files.
  • Managing External Data Sources.
  • Connecting to Access Database.
  • Connecting with SQL Databases.
  • Connecting to Web Data Sources.
  • Creating a Data Source for Online Analytical Processing? OLAP
  • Building Report Solutions.

Day 5

Macro-Charged Modelling and Reporting

  • The Rules of Macro Recording and Editing.
  • Building Navigation Buttons for your Model.
  • Adding and Configuring Controls.
  • Working with LOOP, IF, Msgbox, and Input Dialogue Box.
  • Building the One-Stop-Shop for your Daily Tasks and Activities.
  • Automating the Process of Performing Daily Tasks.
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