Advanced Health and Safety Management

Advanced Health and Safety Management

Monday 17 May 2021

  • Duration: One Week
  • City: London
  • Fees: Classroom: 3900 GBP / Online: 1950 GBP



Why do we need a safety management system?

Recent disasters have made safety management an important area of work, to develop a high safety cultural environment in an organization is a must.

Health and safety of the people working for an organization is an important requirement and high standards should be set on health and safety.

Managing risks will prevent high cost of expenses and improve the company’s organizational efficiency and increase the profits.

Thus, the knowledge gained from this course will make you ready to take your company’s safety performance to the next level.


  • Understanding of the laws for Hazardous Industries in Europe and United States of America
  • How to implement a SMS system
  • Understanding of the “Safety Culture” in an organization/company
  • Understanding of the Lockout Tagout (LO/TO) program
  • Hazard and operability studies

Course Outlines:

Day 1

Law of Health and Safety

  • Introduction to advanced health and safety program
  • Understanding of the laws to health and safety
  • Understanding of the laws for Hazardous Industries
  • Understanding of the safety culture
  • Legislation of the European directive “The SEVESO DIRECTIVE”

Day 2

Safety Management Process

  • Management duty on prevention of accidents
  • Health and safety organization
  • 4 “CCCC” safety management process, “Controlling, co-operation, communication and competence” of the management

Day 3

Execution of SMP (safety management process)

  • Planning of SMP
  • Understanding of the responsibility of management in safety culture
  • Risk management and monitoring
  • Understanding of the work permit and Lockout Tagout (LO/TO) program
  • Understanding of COSHH law (control of substances hazardous to health)
  • Workshop

Day 4

Hazard and Operability Study (HAZOP)

  • Understanding of the monitoring and performance management system
  • HAZOP study
  • Case studies and explanations
  • Workshop on Auditing and Reviewing
  • Understanding of analytical behaviours

Day 5

ABC analysis (Antecedents, Behaviour and Consequences)

  • Mayo’s theory on Human Relations
  • Taylor’s theory on Scientific Management
  • Maslow’s hierarchy of Needs
  • Herzberg’s Two Factory theory and
  • Vroom’s Expectancy theory
  • ABC analysis
  • Understanding of the penalties and consequences
  • Case studies
  • Review of the course
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