Advanced Performance Improvement in Healthcare

Advanced Performance Improvement in Healthcare

Monday 22 Feb 2021

  • Duration: One Week
  • City: London
  • Fees: Classroom: 3950 GBP / Online: 1975 GBP



This course highlights a special and practical coaching style as a method of interacting with colleagues, managing direct-reports, helping others solve problems, responding to change, making vital choices and developing professionally.

It draws from four evidence-based models for interacting with others and facilitating change – solution-focused therapy, cognitive-behavioural therapy, motivational interviewing, and transactional analysis – and reframes them so that they are congruent with managerial and leadership terminology and provide a practical set of methods and tools for today’s healthcare leader. This course is a “must attend” for those wanting to develop or hone their existing coaching skills.


On completion of this course you should be able to:

– Build up a practical and meaningful approach to understand how to have effective helping conversations with subordinates and co-workers.
– Learn and show a very different set of skills, including listening, questioning, guiding, and helping others learn to solve your own problems.
– Learn a real-world application on how to adapt your leadership style to be a more effective coach.
– Recognise the concepts presented on coaching styles, besides using a sophisticated set of tools to support leading an ever-evolving and complex workforce.
– Discuss the scenarios needed to demonstrate how to apply the concepts with the content being relevant beyond the healthcare industry.
– Develop your Comprehending of the overall importance of coaching as a management imperative by using practical tools for the healthcare executive.
– Find a resolution to social or political problem situations
– Improve personal or professional effectiveness.
– Tap into unused or undeveloped potential so as to increase your professional talents.
– Discuss a practical set of methods and tools for today’s healthcare leader.

Course Outline

Day 1

The Mystique of Leadership

– Medicine is a prestigious profession.
– The elite professional.
– From “ME” to “WE”.
Day 2
– Fitting square pegs into round hole.
– A different type of leader.
– Coaching as a leadership style.

Day 3

The Nature of Helping Conversations

– The Structure of Coaching.
– Support-for-Thought: Adult-to-Adult Communication.
– Support-for-Thought: Intelligent Listening.

Day 4

– Becoming a Solution-focused Leader.
– Challenge-for-Thought: Designing the Future.
– Challenge-for-Action: A Path to Doing.
– Challenge-for-Action: Go Slow to Go Fast.

Day 5

– Support-for-Action: Readiness for Change.
– Support-for-Action: Importance and Confidence.
– A Coaching Roadmap: Putting it All Together.

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