Advanced Risk Assessment Techniques

Advanced Risk Assessment Techniques

Monday 08 Nov 2021

  • Duration: One Week
  • City: London
  • Fees: Classroom: 3800 GBP / Online: 1900 GBP



Hazardous industries have a lot risks related to production and maintenance and companies/organizations have been aiming to understand the risk assessment techniques to reduce the possibility of accidents

HAZOP (Hazard and Operability studies) are widely used in risk assessment techniques and the specifying the process of hazard analysis


This training course on HAZOP (will teach):

  • Different advanced risk assessment techniques
  • HAZOP methodology and its applications
  • Quantitative Risk Assessment(QRA) and its understanding of exposure of risk to employees
  • Methods of prevention and control of accidents like fire, explosion and toxic gas releases
  • 3 types of evaluation of risks: Qualitative, Semi-Quantitative and Quantified
  • Methodology of Failure Mode and Effects Analysis(FMEA)
  • Methodology of risk profiling
  • HAZOP studies on accident prevention

Course Outlines

Day 1

Methodology of Risk Assessment

  • Concept of risk assessment and risk management
  • Methods for assessment of risk
  • 3 types of risk assessment study- Qualitative , Semi-Quantitative and Quantitative
  • Introduction to Cause- consequence analysis of risk

Day 2

HAZOP Techniques and Methodology

  • Importance and requirement of HAZOP study
  • How to use HAZOP
  • Requirements of Team leadership and hazard identification
  • Case studies on HAZOP

Day 3

Cause-Consequence Analysis of Risk

  • Studies on fire , explosion and toxic gas releases and its drawbacks and prevention
  • Effect of fire on people and environment
  • Different types of explosion and its cause and prevention and its effects on people and environment
  • Training on cause – consequence software

Day 4

Quantified Risk Assessment (QRA) and its Methodology

  • Methodology of “QRA”
  • ETA(Event Tree Analysis) and its role and application in different industries for assessing the probability of the outcome
  • FTA(Fault Tree Analysis) and its role and application in different industries for assessing the most severe conditons
  • Difference between FTA and ETA
  • Responsibilities of society and individual towards managing risk
  • Training on QRA software

Day 5

Case Studies and Failure Analysis

  • Review of HAZOP case study, specifying the “DO’S” and “Don’t”
  • Failure data analysis “ process of collecting and analysing data and cause of failure”
  • Methods for successful application of HAZOP case studies
  • Case study and teaching on “How to conduct a HAZOP meeting”
  • Review of the course and “Question and Answer session”
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