Advanced Refinery Process Yields Optimisation

Advanced Refinery Process Yields Optimisation

Monday 18 Jan 2021

  • Duration: One Week
  • City: London
  • Fees: 6000 GBP


This advanced training course will highlight a detailed overview of refining process yields, from the crude oil feed to the finished products.
Most refining processes are presented and discussed, including feedstock, feedstock preparation, operating conditions, catalysts, yields, product properties, and economics.
The course is aimed toward the practical aspects of refinery operations as well as the terminology and economics of refining.


• Act as a primer into the industry of Petroleum Refining to maximise process fluid yields.
• Familiarize industry professionals with all processes associated with the processing of petroleum into finished products.
• Equip new engineers into the industry, with the basic tools for understanding the complex nature of Refining and its operations.

Course Outline

Day 1

Crude Oil Yields Refinery Technology

• Introduction.
• Crude Oil Origins & Characteristics.
• Crude oil Assay and properties.
• Crude oil products.
• Product specifications.
• Gasoline.
• Kerosene/ Jet Fuel.
• Fuel Oil/ Diesel Fuels.
• Petrochemical Feedstocks.
• Refineries Complexity.
• Overall refinery flow: Interrelationship of processes.

Day 2

Petroleum Refinery Processes

• Crude Processing.
• Desalting.
• Atmospheric distillation.
• Vacuum distillation.
• Heavy Oils Processing – Cocking and Thermal Processes.
• Delayed Coking.
• Fluid Coking.
• Flexi coking.
• Visbreaking.

Day 3

Process for Motor Fuel Production

• Fluid catalytic cracking.
• Hydrocracking.
• Cat Cracking.
• Isomerization.
• Alkylation.
• Hydrotreating.
• Catalytic Reforming.

Day 4

Supporting Operations

• Blending for Product Specifications.
• Hydrogen production.
• Refinery Gas Plants.
• Acid Gas Treating.
• Sulfur Recovery Plants.

Day 5

Refinery Economics

• Residue Reduction.
• Asphalt and Residual Fuel.
• Cost Estimation.
• Economic Evaluation.

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