Advanced Social Media Training

Advanced Social Media Training

Monday 08 Nov 2021

  • Duration: Two Weeks
  • City: London
  • Fees: Classroom: 7800 GBP / Online: 3900 GBP



This advanced training course is for organisations looking to take advance of the power of social media. It covers the essentials of building and executing an effective social media strategy. We will show you how to create a great presence, how to build a large but targeted following and how to engage this following. We will also show you the techniques you can use to convert followers into customers.


This training course is ideal for anyone who wants to master Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media channels for a company or organisation and will teach you how to set up, manage and monitor your Social Media activities.

This course will cover:

– Principles of social media within business.
– Developing a social media strategy.
– Principles of keywords and optimisation.
– Social networking management for business.
– Latest trends and developments.
– Using collaborative technologies.

Course Outline

Day 1

Introduction to Social Media

– How Social Media works.
– Latest trends and developments.

Day 2

Social Media Strategy

– Creating social objectives.
– Developing a social media strategy.
– Developing your online voice & identity.
– Managing it all.
– Competitor analysis.
– Social media & Search Engine Optimisation.

Day 3

Developing a target audience

– Understanding how to target your ideal audience.
– How to build a following and create a dialogue.
– Building awareness and trust.

Day 4


– Creating ideas for content.
– Creating a calendar and using scheduling tools.
– Great examples.

Day 5

Social Media Channels: Facebook

– What are Facebook pages?
– Deconstructing Facebook Pages – updates, cover photos and apps
– How are organisations using them?
– Content creation looking at types of content – text, video, images, links hashtags – and how to create engagement.
– How to generate more followers (likes).

Day 6

– Analytics – what to look and monitor
– Facebook ads and sponsored stories – how to use them to target specific audiences.

Day 7

Social Media Channels: Instagram

– Instagram Overview.
– Instagram business account.
– Case studies – the best examples of brands.
– Content for Instagram feed, stories, and IGTV.
– Editorial calendar for Instagram.

Day 8

– Instagram scheduling Apps.
– Gaining followers and increasing engagement.
– Working with influencers.
– Instagram metrics.
– Instagram Ads.

Day 9

Social Media Channels: Twitter

– Creating tweets, notifications, using video and images.
– Using retweets, notifications, direct messages, shortened URL’s and hashtags.
– Building and nurturing a following.
– Engagement, PR, brand building, selling, customer care, sales promotion & much more.
– Monitoring, researching and listening.
– How to make the most out of new Twitter profiles.

Day 10

Social Media Channels: YouTube

– An introduction to YouTube.
– Why does it have commercial potential?
– The ground rules; the major do’s and don’ts about creating your YouTube presence.
– How it works – the basics.
– How it works – the advanced and little-known features.
– Content – what, why and when to publish it on YouTube.
– Getting your message across on YouTube.
– Building your brand on YouTube.
– Driving visitors to your website through YouTube.
– Embedding and distributing video for commercial gain.
– YouTube Live – streaming live to your audience and the world.

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