ASQ Certified Manager of Quality - Organizational Excellence Preparation

ASQ Certified Manager of Quality - Organizational Excellence Preparation

Monday 08 Nov 2021

  • Duration: One Week
  • City: London
  • Fees: Classroom: 3850 GBP / Online: 1925 GBP



This course in intended to Individuals who wish to enhance their skills, knowledge, and capacity to comprehend the Certified Manager of Quality/ Organizational Excellence Body of Knowledge in preparation for taking the ASQ Certified Manager of Quality/Organizational Excellence Examination.


• Comprehend the Body of Knowledge in preparation for the ASQ Certified Manager of Quality/Organizational Excellence examination.
• Apply the elements of the Body of Knowledge (BOK) to further focus their preparation efforts.
• Elaborate, through discussions, the main concepts in each of the BOK component.
• Open their thinking approach in preparation for the ‘constructed response’ section of the examination.
• Practice sample tests.
• This course is designed and developed by ASQ’s Quality Management Division. The course is presented in a way that enhance current knowledge, re-introduces applications that may not be used every day, explains the rationale for use,
and highlights sample questions, both multiple choice and constructed response.

Course Outline

Day 1

Introduction: Course Materials, Practice Questions and Bloom’s Taxonomy

• Body of Knowledge, Preparation Tips, Suggestions for More Effective Test-Taking

Organisational Leadership, Teams Strategy Development and Deployment

• Leadership Styles.
• Teams and Team Building Techniques.
• Change Management.

Day 2

Strategic Plan Development and Deployment

• Strategic Planning Models.
• Business Environment Analysis.
• Strategic Plan Deployment.
• Organizational Performance Measurement.

Management Elements and Methods

• Principles of Management.
• Management Theories, Styles and Tools.
• Human Resources Management.
• Financial Management.
• Risk Management.
• Communication Skills and Abilities.
• Project Management.
• Project Documentation.
• Quality System.
• ISO and Other Third-Party Standards.
• Other Quality Methodologies.
• Quality Philosophies.

Day 3

Quality and Process Management Tools

• The Seven Classic Quality Tools.
• Mapping the Process.
• Analysing the Process.
• Innovation and Creativity Tools.
• Lean Tools.
• Theory of Constraints (TOC).
• Basic Statistical Use.
• Statistical Analysis.
• Process Capability.
• Qualitative Assessment.

Day 4

Customer-Focused Organizations

• Customer Identification and Segmentation.
• Internal and External Customers.
• Customer Needs – Voice of the Customer.
• Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty.
• Basic Customer Service Principles.

Supply Chain Management

• Supplier Selection and Communications.
• Supplier Performance and Improvement.
• Supplier Certification, Partnership and Alliances.

Day 5

Training and Development

• Training Needs Analysis and Plans.
• Training Material Design and Delivery.
• Training Effectiveness and Evaluation.

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