Building Task Leadership Skills

Building Task Leadership Skills - self-confidence

Monday 21 June 2021

  • Duration: Two Weeks
  • City: Paris
  • Fees: Classroom: 8200 GBP / Online: 3900 GBP



This intensive course focuses on the utilisation of productive practices that enables a person to become more self-confident and communicate in a confident manner. This is vital to achieve effective and successful project work, establish priorities and meet deadlines. This is crucial because the level of competition in nowadays business environments requires an emphasis on practices that build a personal level of self-confidence and assists in management of personal and work group tasks, priorities and projects.

All kinds of organizations need to discover more productive methods to offer their products and/or services and build confidence and assertiveness in employees.


– Utilise basic planning project tools to plan work strategy.
– Speak with passion and confidence.
– Integrate the characteristics of colleagues who assist in our work.
– Build up positive interpersonal techniques for better management of work.
– Project confidence and credibility to those you work with.

Course Outline

Day 1

Module 1
Leading with Confidence

Creating a Confident and Credible Image
– Where does self-confidence come from?
– The comfort zone and its impact on business success.
– Banishing the fear of speaking in public.
– Self-perception and its impact on confidence.
– How being confident can help you raise your profile?
– Body language and its impact on credibility.

Day 2

Confident Communication to Groups
– How to run efficient and effective meetings?
– How to prepare for and structure a business presentation?
– How to get over the nerves of giving a business presentation?
– Handling questions from senior leaders.
– How to sell yourself and your organization and your ideas?
– Developing rapport in business presentations.

Day 3

Confident Communicating to Get Results
– The power of using stories to get messages across.
– Using analogies effectively.
– Using evidence to win people over to your way of thinking.
– Increasing your personal power and charisma.
– When to be strong and when to play weak.
– Inclusive/exclusive language and its effect on people.

Day 4

Communicating Passion
– The importance of passion.
– Developing courage and confidence in conflict situations.
– Beating your comfort zone and taking more risks.
– Using our full range of communication.
– Powerful closes that move people to action.
– Become a magnetic personality.

Day 5

Enhancing your Profile within the Business
– How to conduct yourself to senior people?
– How to sell change to people who don’t want to change?
– How to sell unpopular policies to team?
– How to make yourself memorable?
– Be a radiator, not a drain.
– The speaking challenges.

Day 6

Module 2
Managing Multiple Tasks, Priorities & Deadlines

Introduction of Work Task Concepts
– Comprehending the role of self-management in managing tasks.
– Overview and context of task management.
– Identifying reasons for the current focus in business on managing tasks.
– Comprehending how work is accomplished in organizations.
– Identifying the role of strategic management in leadership of tasks.
– Comprehending the role of organization type in task management.

Day 7

Importance of Planning in Management of Tasks
– Clarifying goals, objectives, assumptions and constraints in work.
– Integrating a scope, work structure and management plan in assignments.
– Learning to identify and manage stakeholders.
– Identifying risk techniques that affect tasks, priorities and deadlines.
– Comprehending how to develop clarity in purpose and objectives in task assignments.
– Identifying the skills necessary to lead and manage work tasks.

Day 8

Setting Priorities & Deadlines in our Time Management
– Using the manner, approaching work as an initial time management plan.
– Planning for time management, scheduling and meeting deadlines.
– Integrating time management into development of priorities.
– Making the most from meetings, e-mails, interruptions and transition time.
– Developing a personal plan, with a ‘to do’ list and priorities.
– Dealing with time wasters, procrastination and bosses.

Day 9

Skills Required to Deal with People in our Work Assignments
– Identifying skills required to obtain the help of others on tasks.
– The importance of understanding our ways of working with others.
– The importance of interpersonal skill in accomplishment of tasks.
– Identifying interpersonal work styles of self and other.
– Comprehending task flexibility and versatility in people leadership.
– Learning how to work better with others to have productive work.

Day 10

Personally, Managing Tasks to Implement Change
– Learning techniques to use communication for success in tasks.
– Comprehend the characteristics of proper communication.
– Identifying methods to deal with human change patterns.
– Building a personal plan to become more effective with self-management.
– Dealing with some people who struggle with change.
– Practicing techniques to help colleagues with change.

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