Business Development and Advanced Key Account Management

Top Business and Financial Modelling

Monday 22 Mar 2021

  • Duration: One Week
  • City: Madrid
  • Fees: Classroom: 4350 GBP / Online: 1975 GBP



This Course is designed for:

Marketing and sales professionals, corporate executives, advertising managers, business development managers, sales personnel and others who are involved in commercial activities at all levels of the organisation.


  • Define the key account management’s primary functions and best practices.
  • Identify the significance of re-defining businesses processes to match the ever-changing market and customer needs.
  • Produce clear deals and marketing differentiators to neutralise competition (value-based proposition).
  • Plan and use financial ratios and KPIs to measure their operations’ effectiveness.
  • Use leadership, negotiation and power proposals to leverage their business and lead the national key account team.

Course Outline

Day 1

Key Account (KA) Management: Overview and Best Practices

  • Key Account Management: An Overview.
  • The New Landscape of Account Management.
  • Comprehending the Buy-Sell Ladder Model.
  • Key Account Analysis and Qualifying.
  • The Key Account Manager as a Business Developer.
  • Comprehending and Working the Customer Loyalty Ladder.
  • Building Client Chemistry with F.O.R.M.

Day 2

 The Business and KA Planning Process using the STAR Business Planning Process:

  • Strategic Analysis.
  • Targets and Goals.
  • Reality Check.

Re-Defining Your Processes for Breakthrough Results

  • Reengineering Your Team Selling Process to Avoid Mistaking Motion for Action.
  • Auditing the Selling Process.
  • Identifying your Unique Selling Propositions (USPs) and Distinctive Selling Points (DSPs).
  • Creating a Competitive Analysis Matrix Using USP and DSP to Neutralise Competition.
  • Designing and Implementing Key Performance Indicators.
  • Creating a Balanced Scorecard (Business Performance Audit).

Day 3

 Powerful Negotiation Skills

  • The Definition of Negotiation.
  • The Difference Between Persuading and Negotiating.
  • The Negotiation Process.
  • The Phases of the Purchasing Decision.
  • Influencing Decision Criteria.
  • Effective Concession Management During Negotiation.
  • Completing Your Negotiation Plan.

Day 4

 Building and Leading the National Key Account Team

  • Stages in Team Formation.
  • Building a High-Performance Team.
  • Defining Team Roles.
  • The Team Motivation Mix.
  • Management versus Leadership.
  • Practices of Exemplary Leaders (Industry Practices).

Day 5

 Writing Business Proposals that Sell

  • Writing a Typical Business Proposal.
  • Formatting Tips and Tricks for Winning Proposals.
  • Creating Your Own Proposal Template Using a Suggested Proposal Format Guide.
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