Business Etiquette and Protocol

Business Etiquette and Protocol

Sunday 13 June 2021

  • Duration: One Week
  • City: Dubai
  • Fees: 3850 GBP


This course is suitable to personal assistants, executive assistants, employees in the hospitality business and anyone else whose position requires to deal with people in important positions in both government and private sector.

Course Objectives:

– Learning how to conduct yourself professionally with manners when dealing with different types of people in both business and social situations.

– Learning how to become a great host for various types of functions and occasions.

– Organize and manage events such as business luncheons and formal dinners.

– Meet and greet important guests, clients and customers in a proper manner.

– Deal appropriately with the media.

Course Outlines:

Day 1

Definitions of Etiquette and Protocol

– The Importance of etiquette and protocol in Business.

– The basic international rules for business etiquette.

– Creating the Right Image for your Organization.

– Image Building and Image Management.

Day 2

Guest Relations

– Gaining Guests’ Respect.

– Proper Greetings and Introductions.

– Professional Hand-Shaking.

– Exchanging Business Cards the right way.

– People’s Names (pronunciation and remembering).

Day 3

The Ideal Host

– Key Qualities of the Ideal Host.

– Dealing with Different Types of Guests.

– Handling Difficult Personalities.

– Dealing with Guests’ Complaints.

Day 4

Managing Events and Behaviour

– The Business Meal.

– Table Manners at Business Lunches and Business Dinners.

– Setting of the Room and Table.

– Mistakes to Avoid at Business Events.

– Meeting Guests at Airports.

Day 5

Proper Communication

– Telephone Etiquette.

– Meetings Etiquette.

– Email Etiquette.

– Handling the Media

– Dealing with questions and enquires

– Handling Confidential Information.

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