Effective Leadership

Monday 10 Aug 2020

  • Duration: One Week
  • City: London
  • Fees: 3900 GBP
  • Course objectives:

We understand that leadership is defined on three levels, the personality traits, the ability to lead change and the ability to develop the organisational culture. This Program provides you with some key theories and perspectives for thinking critically about organizations and organizational change, emotional intelligence and and culture development.

Targeted Audience:

High-potential leaders on the fast track who are poised and motivated to take on significant managerial responsibility in their organizations Mid-level executives with at least 10 years of work experience and a minimum of three to five years of management experience — from any size company, any industry, and any country Individuals who are eager, engaged, and inspired to make a positive impact in this program and in their organizations.

Course Outlines

Day one:

  • Personal leadership: aligning your values, beliefs and ambition with effective leadership within your organisation
  • Motivation: sparking your employees’ motivation by tapping into their values and ambition
  • Basic leadership skills: active listening, giving feedback, focus on performance and flexibility in behaviour
  • Adapting your leadership style appropriately to different people and situations

Day Two:

  • Managing performance in the formal and informal organisation
  • Leading by example: expressing authority and authenticity
  • The power of inspiration and your personal way of inspiring others
  • Sharing and advising on your real life cases
  • Your individual leadership statement and personal leadership plan

Day Three:

  • Leading teams
  • Dimensions of team effectiveness
  • Leading change
  • The disciplinary meeting
  • Managing conflict

Day Four:

  • Post-modern perspectives: discourse, sense making and  organisational change
  • Organisational culture and change
  •  Power and the politics of organisational change.

Day Five:

  • Change agency
  • Leadership from the perspective of EFQM.
  • Future Action plan development and close of program.

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