Communications Basics

Advance Employee Relations

Monday 14 Sep 2020

  • Duration: One Week
  • City: Paris
  • Fees: 3850 GBP


This course increases the confidence of everyone to adapt adequately in any communication challenge, including presenting in public, handling difficulties and conflict circumstances.

We communicate all the time, yet once in a while consider it. We frequently communicate without being fully aware of the messages we are truly sending. Achievement depends on being comprehended, getting others and communicating well together. Building solid working relationships is crucial to business success. A major part of this is understanding your very own personal communication style, how we can (and do!) impact other people, and how you utilise your style to create effective and rewarding business relationships.


After attending this course, Learners will be able to:

  • Present a wide range of practical communication skills to others.
  • Develop comprehension and awareness of themselves and others and how to control feelings and habits.
  • Clear up communication traps and how to avoid them.
  • Improve the ability to achieve results through working with others.
  • Give chances for learners to evaluate their own communication skills.


Course Outline:

 Day 1

 Self-Management and Emotional Intelligence

  • Comprehending the intensity of the subconscious in communication behaviours.
  • Comprehending how we create habits and how to change to them.
  • What is emotional intelligence and how do we lose it?
  • Comprehending and overcoming the Ego.
  • Dealing with our emotions and feelings.
  • Calming down and decreasing stressful reactions in communication.

Day 2

Communication Basics: Knowing your communication style, listening and communicating assertively

  • Different communication styles.
  • Evaluating your communication style and effectiveness.
  • Enhancing communication effectiveness.
  • The role of beliefs in assertive communication.
  • Rehearsing assertiveness skills & active listening.
  • Using effective addressing for clearer communication.

Day 3

Building impact: Building rapport, presenting yourself, using voice and body language effectively and utilising technology

  • Comprehending the insights of body language.
  • Establishing a good first impression.
  • Building rapport, building your network & impact others effectively.
  • How to make a presentation which people will remember.
  • Utilising visuals effectively and handling inquiries.
  • Mastering social media and avoiding blunders.

Day 4

Beating Communication Challenges: Dealing with conflict, troublesome people and running effective meetings

  • Strategies for managing stubborn behaviour.
  • The diverse identity styles & How to get along with any person.
  • Running effective meetings.
  • Consensus decision making in meetings.
  • Comprehending the sources of conflict at work.
  • Conflict Management Styles.

Day 5

Working with Others: Delegation, Team Work, Leadership and Coaching Skills

  • Various styles of leadership.
  • Common leadership mistakes.
  • How to enhance teamwork.
  • Motivational communication.
  • The Who, what, and how of effective delegation.
  • The delegation process & Coaching Skills.
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