Corporate Financial Modelling Building Forecasts and Cash Flows

Corporate Financial Modelling Building Forecasts and Cash Flows

Monday 12 July 2021

  • Duration: One Week
  • City: Madrid 
  • Fees: Classroom: 4350 GBP / Online: 1975 GBP



A cash flow forecast is a plan that shows how much money a business expects to receive in, and pay-out, over a given period of time. … Check out our article on how to make a cash flow forecast for more information on the process and benefits of financial forecasting for small businesses.

Corporate Financial Modelling: Building Forecasts and Cash Flows is the second CPD course in a three-part series. Starting with, Corporate Financial Modelling: Setting up Financial Models, which set out a methodology for building models in Excel. This course helps you take a simple historic spreadsheet model and develop it by adding a financial forecast and using other forecasting techniques.

This course will enable you to:

  • Understand the different forecasting methods available to you in Excel and apply them to your own data
  • Use ratio analysis to produce a forecast
  • Generate expectations of future performance and provide forecasted statements and cash flows
  • Create a flexible model which can be used to review different scenarios, and where inputs can be quickly changed, and results quickly accessed

Course Content

Day 1


  • What are the forecasting basics?
  • What causes forecasting errors?
  • What types of charts should we use?
  • How do we review forecasts?
  • How can we appraise accuracy?
  • How do we analyse data in Excel?

Day 2

Forecasting methods

  • How can we identify patterns?
  • What is the simple percentage plus method?
  • How do we use compound annual growth rate?
  • How are trends useful?
  • What is smoothing?
  • How do we look at seasons?
  • How do we use regression?
  • What is the inflation problem?

Day 3


  • What factors can affect cash flow?
  • What are the core ratios?
  • What are the profitability ratios?
  • What ratios measure operating efficiency?
  • What ratios can help with financial structure?
  • Is growth sustainable?
  • What are the market ratios?
  • What error functions and units should be considered?
  • What checks are required?

Day 4

Forecast drivers

  • What assumptions can we make?
  • How do we generate the income statement?
  • How are balance sheet assets generated?
  • What about balance sheet liabilities?
  • Why are the workings sheets important?
  • How do we deal with divisions?

Day 5

Accounting statements

  • What is the structure of the balance sheet?
  • How do we model the income statement?
  • How do we model the balance sheet?
  • What are the mechanics of cash flow?
  • What are the cash flow ratios?
  • Can we avoid common mistakes?
  • How should we deal with iteration?
  • What further checks are needed?
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