Effective Construction Site Management

Effective Construction Site Management

Monday 03 May 2021

  • Duration: One Week
  • City: Madrid 
  • Fees: Classroom: 4300 GBP / Online: 1950 GBP



One of the most important responsibilities of a site manager on a construction worksite is to ensure that quality control, health and safety checks, and other safety inspections are carried out correctly. This is a very important role because a simple mistake or small oversight when it comes to safety can cause a serious incident that can result in injury or even death for a worker. A faulty scaffolding or piece of machinery, a lack of safety harnesses, failing to check for hazards before entering a confined space can all result in tragically devastating consequences for the worker and their family.

This   construction site Management Course provides a comprehensive introduction to the functions and objectives of site management. Candidates are presented with a detailed overview of the construction industry, the fundamentals of construction project planning and the importance of quality control, it is about overall planning, controlling, and coordination of a project from start to finish. Construction managers supervise and direct the operations on construction projects. They ensure that construction projects are completed safely, on time, and within the approved budget.


At the end of your course you will be able to:

  • Plan and manage the work of sub-contractors
  • Manage quality control on a construction site
  • A detailed understanding of the mechanics of construction projects
  • The duties and responsibilities of site management personnel
  • Detailed knowledge of all essential site planning processes
  • Advanced expertise in the management of materials, equipment, storage, vendors, human resources and cost-control
  • Manage legislative requirements for health, safety and welfare practice within a construction site
  • Estimate and measure work

Who should attend?

This course designed to serve the site management team such as:

  • Technical Engineers
  • Project Managers
  • Planning and programming Engineers
  • Control Managers
  • Equipment Managers
  • Maintenance Supervisors
  • Operation Supervisors.

Course Contents:

The course is made up of the following technical units. This particular combination of units has been chosen for the breadth of skills and knowledge needed to work effectively on site:

Day 1

Introduction to Construction Site Management & Site Management Basics

  • Features of Construction Industry·
  • Mobility of Facilities·
  • Multiplicity of Agencies·
  • Access To Site And Site Roads·
  • Types of Construction·
  • Temporary Services·
  • Storage for Materials·
  • Storing Various Construction Materials Lime·
  • Roofing Materials ·
  • Site Protection·
  • Additional Security Measures to Take

Day 2

Managing the Quality of Construction Works

  • Quality systems, procedures and standards for construction works
  • Management of systems to monitor and control the quality of work
  • Use of recycled and recovered materials and quality control

Day 3

Managing Health, Safety, Welfare and Risk in Construction Works

  • The application of current Construction Design and Management (CDM) regulations, or equivalent
  • Health, Safety and Welfare legislation and influences on working practices in the construction industry
  • Health, Safety and Welfare management on construction projects

Day 4

Estimating and Measuring Work within a Construction Environment & Construction Site Traffic Management

  • Estimation processes for a construction tender
  • Producing a valuation for construction work
  • Minimising vehicle movements
  • Reversing vehicles
  • Signs, warning devices and visibility
  • Traffic Management
  • Traffic management plans

Day 5

Managing Sub-Contractors within a Construction Environment

  • Site Managers in the selection of sub-contractors following industry best practice
  • Planning the work of sub-contractors in accordance with industry standards
  • Managing sub-contractors on site
  • Managing the conservation of traditional building
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