Entrepreneurship & Leadership

Entrepreneurship & Leadership

Monday 28 June 2021

  • Duration: One Week
  • City: London
  • Fees: Classroom: 3900 GBP / Online: 1950 GBP



The Short Course in Entrepreneurship ‘s main objective is to develop participants’ entrepreneurial skills and behaviour.

The modules are designed for those individuals willing to utilise and further develop their own creative potential aiming self- development and as a consequence to grow and further develop their current and future businesses opportunities.


Entrepreneurship is a practical concept. That is the reason we designed modules based on case study methodology and interactive team work activities exploring diversity of participants background. Models and framework derived from multiple global case studies are utilised as tools to unleash participants’ insights leading to sustainable learning.

Course Outline

Day 1

Entrepreneurial management and ethical leadership

The first core module in the Certificate in Entrepreneurship focuses on the discussion and understanding of necessary skills required for a successful entrepreneur/ intrapreneur.

These include an ability to deal with uncertainties, paradoxes and the capacity to act as ‘ambidextrous’. The module highlights the fundamental aspects of personal integrity, social responsibility, and ethical decision-making process closed associated to sustainable strategies for organisational growth process.

Day 2

Creating and re-creating corporate entrepreneurial culture

The second core module of Certificate in Entrepreneurship focuses primarily on the organisational change or corporate culture change process: From inertia and sometimes bureaucratic culture towards a creative, entrepreneurial corporate culture.

This is a complex, interesting module where real case studies of large organisations are discussed among participants in the light of corporate culture change theoretical models/framework derived from real stories in the business global business.

The impact of national culture differences on organisational change are highlighted in this model.

Day 3

International business decision making

The aim of the module is to provide students with an appreciation of the complexity of international business enterprise decisions. The course will demonstrate how practical business decision solutions can be reached. A framework for understanding the key issues that need to be addressed by business managers in an increasingly international environment will be provided and students will be taught to explore the nature of international business.

Day 4

E-business and e-commerce

This module will enable students to understand the complex and powerful technological blend and planning that facilitates E-commerce, give them the skills to evaluate new E-business initiatives and asses the risks associated with this, together with acquiring an understanding of business-to-consumer as well as business -to-business markets, and emphasise legal and ethical issues.

Day 5


The success of any enterprise depends mainly upon the inner responsibility and integrity of their leader.
A leader is a pragmatic dreamer and a philosopher of action: before managing and leading others, the leader is above all required to manage and lead his own complex life.

The focus of the program lies in the formation of the leader’s awareness about himself and his behaviours, the education of human skills and the learning of intra- and inter- personal dynamics in the private sphere, as well as in group and organizational contexts, balancing autonomy and alignment with accountability.

The outcome of the training process is a coherent synthesis between the professional and the company training needs and the strengthening of the personal and social identity of the leader, including the refinement of its management styles to create a higher degree of trust, where Agile Leadership plays an essential role.

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