Event Management Essentials

Event Management Essentials

Monday 20 Sep 2021

  • Duration: One Week
  • City: Madrid
  • Fees: Classroom: 4300 GBP / Online: 1950 GBP



Course on efficient skills for event management are for those are planning and arranging an event (can be a house event or commercial events).

Badly arranged event creates a negative position for the company in business world, thus to ensure the event is successful and creates a significant name for the company, this course has been provided

How to ensure the event is successful? How to plan events based on limited budgets?

This course will provide the answers and skills to plan and organize an efficient event

Course Objectives:

  • Systematic event planning and management
  • Handling the conflicts and disputes related to event management
  • Handling the budget requirements for the event
  • How to use social media for communication?
  • How to be consistent in event management?

Course Outlines:

Day 1

Methodology of Event Management

  • Why events are required for a company? and what is event management?
  • Plan an event
  • Handling the clients and stakeholders requests
  • Understanding the qualities of an event manager
  • How and why clear roles are needed to be assigned to every person associated?

Day 2

Qualities of an Event Manager

  • Understanding the quality of an event manager
  • How to make your event successful?
  • Outcomes for the event and acceptance
  • Managing the risks associated
  • Motivating the team members and its importance

Day 3

Organization Skills “How to be Organized and Effective”

  • Event planning and its steps and skills for effective event planning
  • Managing suppliers and key stakeholders
  • Importance of communication for successful event management
  • Importance of clear monitoring process for an event

Day 4

Developing Passion for Your Work

  • Importance of passion for your work
  • Concept of “Lesson learned” approach in event management
  • Managing and briefing team members
  • Understanding and handling of legal issues
  • How to obtain an “Event Sponsorship”
  • Understanding the areas of improvement

Day 5

Result Day

  • Pre-event drills and its importance
  • Revising the prepared checklist for the event
  • Time management and its importance for event’s success
  • Conducting post event review meeting
  • Workshop training on “Conduction of Event”
  • How to close an event and understand the learnings from it? How to improve in the next event?
  • Review of the course and “Question and Answer session”
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