Event Management Essentials

Event Management Essentials

Sunday 02 Aug 2020

  • Duration: One Week
  • City: Dubai
  • Fees: 3850 GBP


This course assists learners who are arranging and planning an event – it can be an in-house event or a commercial event. The effect of a successful event on a company can be significant. The effect of a badly organised event so negative that it pulls resources sway from real work in dealing with the aftermath. nevertheless, this course will fully support your objective of helping to deliver an effective event.

How would you guarantee that your event is an extraordinary success and that you have achieved everything required? How do you ensure that it is within budget? These and many more questions will be answered on this energising and engaging course.


– Utilize a standardized event planning and management process.
– Handle the pitfalls and ways to overcome them in planning your events.
– Handle the financial and legal implications of holding events wherever they are held.
– Utilize social media and extensive communication networks to communicate to your audience.
– Build a consistent approach to developing events.

Course Outline

Day 1

Fundamentals of Events Management

– What is events management? Why some events fail?
– Establishing the event – ensuring it is viable.
– Liaising with the client and key stakeholders.
– Ensuring you have clear roles for all those involved in the event.
– The best qualities of successful events management.
– Quality 1: Flexibility – what it means and how to be flexible.

Day 2

Setting up the Event to Succeed

– Building agreed objectives for the event.
– Agreeing your outcomes? What does a successful event look like?
– Handling risk and uncertainty in your events.
– Developing the team – ensuring you have a strong team around you.
– Quality 2: People skills – how to develop your people skills.

Day 3

Event Planning

– Making your plan for the event including marketing.
– Working effectively with suppliers and your key stakeholders.
– Delegating effectively for success.
– Communicating the event successfully – but how?
– Establishing a clear monitoring process for your event.
– Quality 3: Organization skills – how to be organized and effective.

Day 4

Developing a ‘Lessons Learned’ Approach

– Building on your successes and your areas for improvement!
– Creating a learning culture.
– Briefing & meeting skills.
– Event finance including trying to obtain event sponsorship.
– The legal issues you may face.
– Quality 4: Passion – what is it, what does it look like and how can you get it.

Day 5

The Day of the Event

– Having a run through – pre-event.
– The event checklist – what is on your check list?
– Quality 5: Time management – some tips for effective time management.
– Having a post event review process.
– Formally closing the event, learning and moving on to the next event.

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