Events and Conferences Management

Events and Conferences Management

Monday 11 May 2020

  • Duration: One Week
  • City: London
  • Fees: 3800 GBP


This course is designed for:

Managers, supervisors and officers involved in the planning or management of events, exhibitions and conferences as well as managers and officers of Public Relations.


– Plan and prepare for professional and conferences in a professional way.
– Recognise the functions in an event or conference.
– Organise and assess the social activities in an event or conference.
– Prepare the estimated budget for a conference.
– Plan and organize different kinds of exhibitions.

Course Outline

Day 1

Events and Conferences

– Importance and Concepts.
– Types of Events and Conferences.

Planning for Events and Conferences

– Collecting Information Needed in Planning
– Setting Smart Objectives.
– Preparing the Event Plan with Detailed Activities and Schedules.
– Selecting the Venue and Agreeing on the Site of the Event or Conference.

Day 2

Organisation of the Event or Conference

– Choosing the Human Resources for the Management of the Event or Conference.
– Forming Different Specialized Committees.
– Training/Motivating the Teams in Charge of Managing the Event or Conference.

Day 3

Promotional Activities for Events and Conferences

– Promotion and Advertisement of Events or Conferences.
– Steps Needed for the Promotion and Marketing of the Event or Conference.
– Setting a Plan for the Promotion of Events and Conferences.

The Different Functions for Managing Events and Conferences

– The Official Airline Carrier.
– Arrangements with Hotels.
– Conference Registration Activities.
– The Scientific Program and Choosing Speakers.
– Media Coverage During the Event or Conference.
– Managing the Event, Conference or Scientific Meeting.
– The Different Social Activities.

Day 4

Organizing of Exhibitions

– Planning for Exhibitions.
– Promoting and Marketing Exhibitions.
– Renting Exhibition Space.
– Organizing and Managing of Exhibitions.
– Steps in the Actual Implementation of Exhibitions Plans.

The Financial Aspects of the Conference

– Preparing the Conference Budget.
– Controlling Expenditures According to the Budget.
– Deciding on the Registration Fees.
– Controlling the Cash Flow.

Day 5

Follow Up and Evaluation of Conference and Events Activities

– Monitoring the Event or Conference Activities.
– Dealing with Implementation Problems.
– Preparing the Final Report.

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