Executive Assistant - Personal Assistant Masterclass

Executive Assistant - Personal Assistant Masterclass

Monday 20 July 2020

  • Duration: One Week
  • City: London
  • Fees: 3950 GBP


This course is designed for:

Executive and personal secretaries, personal assistants, senior clerks, senior administrators and others with the potential to become office managers.


– Use advanced administration techniques to professionally run the office of a senior manager.
– Develop excellent relationship with the manager and maximise productivity.
– Gain modern concepts and strategies related to the job in order to carry out responsibilities with a high degree of competence.
– Apply professional business-writing techniques in e-mails.
– the main reasons of stress and an action plan to keep it under control.
– Prepare and organise a professional meeting, write its agenda and take minutes accurately.
– Show professional skills in communicating with the internal/external public in an effective manner.

Course Outline

Day 1

Progressive Role of the Executive Assistant/PA

– Developing and Broadening your Role.
– Expanding Yourself: Going Beyond Expectations.
– Wideningthe Managerial Aspects of your Role.
– Competencies of the Modern PA.
– Better Management of your Work Flow.

Day 2

Optimizing the Relationship with the Boss

– Building Common Objectives/Priorities.
– Understanding and Synchronizing Expectations.
– Building and Managing the Relationship.
– Maximizing your Value Relative to the Boss.
– Partnering with the Boss.

Day 3

Effective Interpersonal Communication

– Building long-term Relationships with Colleagues.
– Handling Difficult Personalities.
– Developing Self-Confidence and Assertiveness.
– Presenting your Ideas and Influencing Others.
– Negotiating Win-Win Outcomes.
– Perceptions, Attitudes and Beliefs.
Professional Business Writing
– Crucial Elements for Excellent Writing.
– Writing Professional Emails.
– Email Etiquette.

Day 4

Controlling Stress

– Comprehending Stress.
– What Happens When you are Under Stress: The Symptoms.
– Identifying Actual Causes of Stress.
– Action-Planning to Keep Stress Under Control.
– Time-Management Preventive Measures.
Organizing Professional Meetings
– Planning for the Meeting.
– Preparing the Agenda.
– Techniques for Writing the Minutes.
– Improving the Effectiveness of your Meetings.
– Actions to Take After your Meetings.

Day 5

Dealing with Visitors and Improving Customer Service

– Different Techniques for Screening Visitors.
– Servicing Internal and External Customers.
– Handling Complaints Professionally.
– Making your Department Customer-Friendly.

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