FIDIC Construction Claims

FIDIC Construction Claims

Monday 28 Dec 2020

  • Duration: One Week
  • City: Madrid 
  • Fees: Classroom: 4250 GBP / Online: 1925 GBP



Since it’s founding, FIDIC’s main activity is publishing international standard forms of Contracts. First standard form of Contract was The Form of contract for works of Civil Engineering construction, in 1957. It became famous for its cover and called “The Red Book”. Ever since then, it has become the tradition that FIDIC Contracts are known by the colour of their cover.

The program is offering the basic knowledge, skills and tools on understanding the Delay, Claim and Dispute Resolution in FIDIC forms of contracts for all engineering fields especially the Civil/Construction field or any field that may deal with it like Telecom, Software, Electromechanical, and others.

At program completion, participants will be able to:

  • Learn more about Delay, Change requests, Claim administration and different techniques to calculate/evaluate claims under FIDIC forms of Contracts.
  • Introduce participants to claims administration from the beginning to the end of a project
  • Examine the most common claims triggers between contractors and employers
  • Provide participants with basic conflict-resolution skills

Who should attend?

  • Engineers at any field like construction engineer, civil engineer, project manager, planning engineer, cost engineer, procurement engineer, tendering engineer, contract engineer, IT, Communications, telecommunication and others shall attend this kind of courses to expand his/her knowledge in this area.
  • Seniors from all above fields shall develop their career by suck kind of courses.

Course Content:

Day 1

  • The FIDIC Family of Conditions of Contract
  • -Principles and general review of the FIDIC Contracts
  • Procedures during Construction
  • Project management procedures during construction

Day 2

  • Definition and sources of “Claim”
  • Stages of the Claim
  • Claims Procedures
  • Procedures for submitting and dealing with claims by the Employer and the Contractor
  • Extension of Time Claims
  • Additional Payment and Prolongation Costs Claim
  • Claims Negotiation and Settlement

Day 3

  • Claims Analysis
  • Global Method for Delay Analysis
  • Net Method for Delay Analysis
  • As Planned Method for Delay Analysis
  • As Built Method for Delay Analysis
  • As Planned vs. As Built Method for Delay Analysis
  • Time Impact Analysis Method for Delay Analysis
  • Windows Snapshot Method for Delay Analysis

Day 4

  • Dispute Resolution
  • The Dispute Adjudication Board and other dispute resolution procedures
  • Different Methods for Dispute Resolution
  • Claims Concerning the Head Office Overhead
  • Claims Concerning Suspension of Work
  • Claims Concerning Wrongful Termination
  • Loss of Profit and Loss of Opportunity Claims
  • Claims Concerning Delay Damages and Penalty

Day 5

  • Suspension and Termination by Contractor
  • Risks and Responsibilities
  • Force Majeure
  • Disputes and Arbitration
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