Fundamentals of Project Management

Fundamentals of Project Management

Sunday 07 Feb 2021

  • Duration: One Week
  • City: Dubai
  • Fees: Classroom: 4250 GBP / Online: 1925 GBP



This course on “Fundamentals of Project Management” will provide the skills for project planning, scheduling and efficient management of projects. This course will emphasize on the project management terminology and the earning of value management.

This course will also provide the skills for quality and risk management in projects and procurement management.

Thus if you are involved in a project or have been assigned a project and want to learn how to manage a project efficiently, then he/she should take this course.


  • Understanding the basic information on project management- how to plan , prepare and schedule a project
  • Understanding the delivery of projects in stipulated time
  • Identifying the key performance indicators in a project
  • Analysing the risks associated with a project and it’s solutions
  • Understanding the different sets of contracts associated with a project
  • Understanding the need to efficiently manage projects for customer satisfaction

Course Outlines:

Day 1

Foundation of Project Management, History, Basics and its Components

  • Methodology of project management and “Why is project management required?”
  • Understanding a project and the life cycle included in a project
  • Training on preparing an efficient Project Management system
  • Defining a project and how to plan a project
  • Understanding the process of project selection
  • Understanding the “SMART” criteria process for a project

Day 2

Planning a Project and the Break-Down Structure of the Work

  • Understanding the importance of project documentation
  • Understanding the concept of Executive Sign-Off
  • Analyse a project management and collecting the required information
  • “How to prepare and define a project plan?”
  • Analyse a project with break-down of the works planned

Day 3

Project Schedule and Budget Management

  • Understanding the importance of project scheduling
  • Prepare a Budget report – project costs and defining the duration of a project
  • Steps for optimization of a project
  • Training on preparing a project schedule and defining the constraints associated with the project
  • Optimizing the profit for a project – by defining “How to control the costs, duration and managing the resources efficiently”

Day 4

Planning for Risk, Procurement, HR and Quality Management

  • Identifying the KPI (key performance indicators) for the project
  • Analysing the risks associated with a project and understanding of the risk management
  • Preparing a communication plan for HR management
  • Understanding the concept of “Virtual Team” –group of individuals who work together from different geographic locations
  • Understanding the procurement management thus how to have an efficient quality management

Day 5

Project Management Software Training

  • Defining the work schedule of a project in a software
  • Training on software
  • Case studies on efficient project management
  • Case studies on leadership, communication system in a project
  • How to conduct meetings and prepare project work schedule reports
  • Steps for closing of a project- like document updating and hand-offs
  • Review of the course and “Question and Answer session”
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