HR in Business

HR in Business

Sunday 23 Aug 2020

  • Duration: One Week
  • City: Dubai
  • Fees: 3850 GBP


Fast and radical change is influencing the entire of the world. Wherever in the planet we are confronting huge challenges in terms of growth and competition. In other places the key to organisational success and effectiveness is making genuine value as well as controlling costs and maintaining market competitiveness. In these cases, companies are increasingly searching for a source of competitive advantage particularly through amplifying every advantage of its human capital.

This practical and work based shows you how the HR function itself can be an upper hand and the type of policies that should be developed.

Numerous observers agree that the key asset of any organisation is the capacity, performance and competence of the workforce. To gain the best out of this asset, policies and actions covering the following issues in the Goals section are required.


– Leadership Style – gaining the best from the method you treat and manage your employees at every level.
– Empowerment, what it means and how to accomplish results that are measurable.
– Recruitment and Retention – finding and keeping successful people is becoming increasingly hard. The new techniques for recruitment will improve your chances of getting the best experts.
– Performance Management – Master how to do it and more importantly get the tools to be able to measure accurately the results.
– The usage of Behavioural Competencies – You will be able to use a new process to measure and manage competencies and will see the new formula for valuing competency improvement.
– Work Organisation – practices such as self-managed teams and work partnerships are needed to encourage creativity and innovation – we will show you how to do it.
– Equal Opportunities – Its effect on multinational companies.
– Employee Relations – Master motivation and see how a new focus in performance appraisal can transform result and improve productivity.
– Communications, Consultation and Involvement – Methods you can use to get the best results.

Course Outline

Day 1
The Context for Change

– What’s changing and how that affects everyone in HR – discussion.
– The strategic requirement –new demands – new HR tools.
– Leadership and management style what it is and how to measure it.
– The new way to create leaders – the process.
– Recruitment – The new competency & behavioural approach.
– The process needed to get results.
– Key success areas to aid retention.
– Review.

Day 2
Managing Performance, Behaviour and Culture

– Performance Management – setting standards.
– steps of setting targets and measuring performance.
– Enhancing managerial performance.
– The Psychological Contract v what happens in the work place.
– Corporate culture – what it is and how to measure it.
– Coaching, Mentoring; Counselling; How to get results.
– Review.

Day 3
Implications for Employment Practice

– Work Organisation – how to calculate the right size of any organisation.
– The use of Competencies – Setting measurement standards, how to value the improvement in competency standards.
– Human Capital Management – techniques for measuring the value of Human Capital.
– Review.

Day 4
Employee Relations
– Rights versus responsibilities, employment contracts and what they mean.
– Poor performance procedure – the principal of differentiation – results of 2009 survey.
– Disciplinary procedure – This is the line manager’s role! Discussion.
– Other issues, but who’s responsibility, are they? Grievances & Equal opportunities.
– Review.

Day 5
The Future for Employment Practices

– Industrial Democracy – Google example –but will it work anywhere else? Discussion.
– The role of employee representatives for Communications, Consultation and Involvement.
– The new shape of HR for 2010 and beyond.
– Keeping good people – discussion.

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