HR in Business

HR in Business

Monday 19 Apr 2021

  • Duration: One Week
  • City: London
  • Fees: Classroom: 3850 GBP  Online: 1925 GBP



Since the business world is ever changing, hence there are requirements for new skills to be learned in this growing and competitive business market. This course has been specifically designed for the people working in the business sector to understand the important role HR plays in controlling costs and maintaining market competitive-ness or the company. HR is the key asset of a company, which helps in maintaining the performance and competence in the workplace.

Course Objectives:

  • Understanding the leadership qualities
  • Understanding the management system of performance
  • Understanding the recruitment and retention system
  • Understanding the use of Behaviour competency
  • Equal opportunities = Equal Relations
  • Understanding the methods of communication, consultation and involvement

Course Outlines:

Day 1

Requirement for Change in Way of Working

  • Understanding how the business world is changing
  • Understanding the need for a change
  • Understanding the importance of leadership in management
  • Understanding the recruitment and retention process
  • Understanding the key success areas to support retention and the Review process

Day 2

Performance Management, Behaviour and Importance of Culture

  • Importance of setting a benchmark for performance management
  • Methods for setting targets
  • Methods for measuring performance
  • Concept of “The psychological contract vs what happens in work place”
  • Understanding the corporate culture
  • Coaching and counselling

Day 3

Suggestions for Competency at Work

  • Understand and analyse the right working size of an organization
  • Techniques for Human Capital Management
  • Importance of competency at work and suggestive methods

Day 4

Rights Versus Responsibilities

  • Understanding the terminology of rights vs responsibilities
  • Understanding the importance of employee relations
  • Discussion of the line manager’s roles
  • Understanding who is responsible for what?
  • The principle of differentiation and how to manage grievances and equal oppurtuinities

Day 5

Future of HR

  • Discussion on the industrial democracy
  • New structure of HR and the future of HR
  • Discussion on the importance of keeping competent people
  • Discussion on the roles of “Communications, Consultation and Involvement”
  • Review of the work and “Question and Answer session”
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