Integrated Management Systems and Risk Management Strategies

Integrated Management Systems and Risk Management Strategies

Monday 19 Apr 2021

  • Duration: Two Weeks
  • City: London
  • Fees: Classroom: 7800 GBP / Online: 3900 GBP



This intensive 10-day course has been tailored to enable candidates to learn more about the updated international development and best methods in implementing and operating a structured management systems approach to manage key operating areas of businesses. They will likewise gain the requirements of ISO31000 enabling them to bring the advantages of effective risk management into all aspects of their organisations including planning, operations and communication.

The course uses specification of common management systems requirements as a framework for integration as a structure for integration. This model is fully consistent with the new ISO requirements and will enable candidates to prepare for the inevitable transition requirements in the near future.

The candidates will also learn:
– The keys of risk management.
– A framework for the management of risk.
– Risk assessment.
– Links to other management system.


– Recognise the common parts of management systems standards.
– Express the advantages of an effective integrated management system.
– Comprehend the business benefits of the integrated approach.
– Build up a framework for integration in their own organisation.
– Future proof their own systems in readiness for changes to ISO standards.
– Comprehend of what is required for managing enterprise risks.
– Application of the formal structure provided in ISO31000 to their organisation.
– An understanding of various methods for risk assessment.
– Review skills and techniques to determine effectiveness of risk management.
– Open doors for improvement in the management of risk throughout the organisation.

Course Outline

Day 1

The standards and advantages of an integrated management system approach

– Introduction
– What is a management system?
– The advantages of managing using the systems approach.
– The process approach.
– Plan Do Check Act approach.
– Integrated management system (IMS) model.
– New ISO framework for management systems.

Day 2

features of management system standards

– Quality management systems review (ISO 9001).
– Environmental management systems review (ISO 9001).
– Health and Safety management system review (OHSAS 18001).
– Other management systems (BCM, IT, Food Safety) review.
– Common elements.
– Special features of the individual disciplines.
– PAS99 approach to integrated management systems.

Day 3

The integrated approach

– Integrated management system (IMS) model.
– Outline of what revised ISO 9001, ISO14001 etc.. Will look like.
– Identification of the context for your IMS.
– Who are the interested parties and what are their expectations?
– Leadership and commitment.
– Policy development.
– Risks and opportunities.
– Support.

Day 4

Measuring performance and improvement

– Operation.
– Monitoring and measuring.
– Internal audit.
– Management review.
– Continual improvement.

Day 5

Implementation strategy

– Planning IMS implementation.
– Operating an IMS system.
– Auditing an IMS.
– Developing your plan.

Day 6

Introduction to risk management and ISO 31000

– Introduction to ISO 31000.
– Defining risk and risk terms.
– The role of risk management in organisational governance.
– Outline of ISO 31000.
– The principles of risk management.

Day 7

A framework for managing risk

– The role of managers in leading risk management.
– Best practice in developing an effective risk management culture.
– Organisational context.
– Risk management policy.
– Integration into organisational processes.

Day 8

Organisation’s appetite for risk

– Risk appetite.
– Risk profile.
– Risk identification.
– Risk analysis.
– Risk evaluation.

Day 9

Risk assessment in practice

– Risk treatment and control.
– Risk assessment tools.
– Managing risk in practice.
– Monitoring and review of risk management performance.
– Improvement.

Day 10

Risk management in your organisation

– National risk issues.
– Identifying risks in your organisation.

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