Leadership Fundamentals

Pioneer Skills for the HR Professionals

Sunday 21 Mar 2021

  • Duration: One Week
  • City: Dubai
  • Fees: 3850 GBP


This course will focus on motivation efficiency, cooperative procedures of leadership to work for their organizations and leverage the leadership potential of team members. Learners will be exposed to concentrate on expanding leadership skills, individual influence, also search strategies for creating a team of professionals who will aid each other, handle hard problems efficiently, and take responsibility.

This course centres around tactful leadership skills that are successful in any business. By creating extraordinary leaders as well as engaging leaders to all levels in the organization, they would obtain the internal compass that will guide their everyday activities, enabling them to win the trust of their colleagues and guarantee success of the next generation of business practices.


After this course, learners will be able to:

  • Provide leaders with a chain of strategies, exercises, and cases at different levels of change.
  • Find out the centre skills needed for excellent leadership.
  • Exploring the moral parts of leadership and qualities which last enduring outcomes.
  • Reinforce others’ perception as a leader with probity.
  • Create the correct culture for individuals and procedures to help strategy.
Course Outline: Day 1Developing a Leader

  • Evolving of personal leadership.
  • Leadership types and Agility.
  • The mentality of a Leader.
  • Principles of leadership.
  • Attitudes of successful leadership.

 Day 2

Interpersonal Leadership Skills

  • Efficient Listening.
  • Inactive, hostile, stubbornness.
  • Taking part in mutual attitudes.
  • Training for best executive.

  Day 3

Developing a Winning Team

  • Realizing Team Dynamics.
  • Managing Performances.
  • Broadening Team Impact.
  • Delegating successfully.
  • Team Building activates.

 Day 4

Organizational Leadership Management

  • Handling Change inside the organization.
  • Effecting Organizational Culture.
  • Improving Leadership Influence.
  • Learn how to be an Enabling Leader.
  • Progressing Organizational Commitment and Meaning.

Day 5

The Leader’s Network

  • Stakeholder Relations.
  • Leadership Roles in Network weaver.
  • Indicators of Network
  • Standards for Public Engagement.


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