Lean Sigma Performance Improvement in Healthcare

Lean Sigma Performance Improvement in Healthcare

Monday 19 July 2021

  • Duration: One Week
  • City: Madrid
  • Fees: Classroom: 4300 GBP / Online: 1950 GBP



Lean Sigma, broadly proven in other industries, can offer even more prominent in healthcare. This course walks you through all leadership aspects associated with planning, executing, sustaining, or reinvigorating Lean Sigma in your hospital, system, or clinic.

This thorough course clarifies Lean Sigma without “stat speak.” Focusing on care providers’ unique challenges, this course assist healthcare organisations improve, as it offers a practical roadmap for making Lean or Six Sigma work as well as demonstrating it through real case studies, illuminating key facets of change that are too often ignored.

Whatever your Lean Sigma leadership role–from patient-facing staff to senior executive to performance improvement specialist–this training course gives you an indispensable foundation for success.


On completion of this course you should be able to:

– Discuss how failure points in conventional change methods prevent performance enhancement.
– Illustrate and apply Lean Sigma’s structured change approach and explain why infrastructure. and sequencing matter so much Integrating Lean Sigma with strategy and operations.
– Understand how to enhance individual process performance.
– Launch a Lean Sigma program or revitalize a stalled initiative.
– Learn from experience and increase program development.

Course Outline

Day 1

Existing Change Models: Why Traditional Healthcare Models Are Struggling?

– Traditional Change Models.
– Disparate Change Groups.
– Uncontained Change.
– No Standard Change Approach.
– Tools Focus.
– Reliance on Benchmarking.
– Changes Are Not Based on Data, Good Data, or the Right Data.
– Changes Made Based on Symptoms, Not Causes.
– Systems versus Processes.
– Focus on People, Not on Process.
– Lack of Context for Solutions.
– Adding versus Subtracting (Patching).
– Poor Implementation.
– No Emphasis on Control.
– Management versus Leadership.
– Summary.

Day 2

Structuring Change: Program Infrastructure

– Lean Sigma: The Program
– The Steering Group
– Setting the Program Direction
– The Fit with Existing Initiatives
– Shaping Projects
– Focus on Process
– Breakthrough Change
– Project Tiers
– Identifying Opportunities
– Characterizing Projects (Preliminary Project Chartering)
– Setting Goals
– Prioritizing Action
– Program and Project Roles
– Program Tracking, Reporting, and Ongoing Management
– Summary

Day 3

Lean Sigma Roadmap: The Anatomy of a Project

– Lean Sigma Project Roadmap.
– Define.
– Measure.
– Analyse.
– Improve.
– Control.
– The Lean Sigma Roadmap: Why It Works.
– Standardization Projects.
– Kaizen (Accelerated Change) Events.
– Summary.

Day 4

Application to Real Life: Project Case Examples

– CT Capacity and Throughput.
– Reduce Discharged, Not Final Billed (DNFB).
– Radiology Denials.
– Behavioural Health Discovery.
– Medication Delivery.
– Registration Standardization.
– Inpatient Admission Standardization.
– Physician Office Standardization.
– Surgery Capacity and Throughput.
– Emergency Department Throughput.
– Inpatient Placement.
– New Emergency Department Design.

Day 5

Commencing the Journey

– Programme Vision and Launch.
– Creating Program Infrastructure.
– Developing Organizational Competence.
– Transforming Processes.
– Stabilization and Performance Management.
– Globalisation.

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