Major Account Planning - Map

Major Account Planning - Map

Monday 20 Sep 2021

  • Duration: One Week
  • City: Madrid 
  • Fees: Classroom: 4350 GBP / Online: 1975 GBP



Major Account Planning (MAP) is an account planning methodology designed for companies engaged in selling complex value propositions or higher-value enterprise solutions to large organizations. It is aimed at those organizations whose solutions can be deployed in more than one departmental area, can solve more than one business problem, or have the potential to be rolled out to larger user bases.

MAP is a facilitated planning program for sellers/account managers/account teams who are charged with maximizing sales results and customer satisfaction in strategic accounts. Major Account Planning enables account managers to develop an effective plan for generating high-value sales and raising the level of relationship in major accounts, thus improving margins while simultaneously defending the account from competitive encroachment.

Program Objectives

At the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Plan for maximizing value in an account
  • Identify tactics for (further) penetrating an account
  • Identify opportunities for new business with an account
  • Create a plan to achieve revenue and relationship objectives
  • Navigate the decision-making politics within an account
  • Develop higher levels of relationship with account stakeholders

Who should attend?

Major Account Planning is designed for any sellers/account managers/account teams who manage business with major or strategic accounts, using either assigned personnel, virtual support resources, partners, or any combination of those.

Program Outlines:

Day 1

Introduction & Analyse the Account

  • Account planning and management framework
  • A major account planning process
  • Reviewed essential account information
  • Defined key trends
  • Determined the revenue gap to be closed
  • Set an initial account strategy

Day 2

Identify Business Initiatives and Pain and Assess Relationships

  • Defined business initiatives within their account
  • Explored how business initiatives can generate pains in a company
  • Considered where their offerings impact the Income Statement
  • Identified potential stakeholders in the account
  • Identified gaps in relationship coverage
  • Identify influential individuals in the account
  • Identified success that can be reported to fend off competition
  • Assessed competitive presence and areas of account penetration

Day 3

Identify New Business and Prioritize Opportunities

  • Identified areas of new opportunity (“white space”) within the account
  • Identified potential, new business initiatives that could be positioned
  • Determined criteria for prioritizing opportunities
  • Created a prioritized portfolio of account opportunities
  • Determine Strategy And Coverage
  • Selected an account-level strategy
  • Revisit the vision for the account
  • Identified resources required to:
  • Maintain the current pipeline
  • Improve account relationships
  • Help launch new opportunities

Day 4

Develop an Execution Plan

  • Reviewed the actions identified during previous exercises
  • Defined SMART objectives for developing the account
  • Grouped actions to support plan objectives
  • Exercise: Develop an Execution Plan

Day 5

Getting Started with the MAP Methodology and Manage the Account

  • Activities for managing the account annually
  • Account planning and trusted advisor status over time
  • Discussed best practices for preparing an account review
  • Learned a method for conducting account plan reviews
  • Given and/or received feedback on an account plan review
  • Reviewed a structure for periodically reporting success to the account
  • Exercises:  Team Account Plan Reviews
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