Managing and Coordinating Training

Managing and Coordinating Training

Monday 07 June 2021

  • Duration: One Week
  • City: Madrid 
  • Fees: Classroom: 4250 GBP / Online: 1940 GBP



Training coordination is complex and requires the management of multiple priorities and stakeholders. To be successful you need to be familiar with instructional methods, know how to build relationships with key stakeholders (internal and external to your organization), and understand the critical elements of evaluation so you can demonstrate organizational impact. In this three-part interactive course, you will gain a strong foundation of the skills most critical to success in your role. By focusing on the assessment of training needs, the consulting skills required to partner with internal and external stakeholders, and the evaluation of training outcomes, you will gain an understanding of the big-picture needs of any talent development function. This course goes beyond the logistics of training coordination and gives you the skills to become a true business partner within your organization.

This program is up to date and pertinent to marketplace requirements, thus catering well to all analytical prediction of training needs in the specified area. A customized proposal can also be arranged, to suit the training requirements of your team.

Who Should Attend?

Training and development managers, officers and coordinators involved in the needs analysis process, organizing training program and evaluating the results of training.

Course Content:

Day 1

Strategic Training and Development

  • The Strategic Training and Development Process
  • Roles of Employees and Managers
  • Top Management Support
  • Aligning Training to Strategy

Day 2

The Training Needs Assessment Process (TNA)

  • Participants in Needs Assessment?
  • Methods Used in Needs Assessment
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of TNA Methods
  • The Needs Assessment Process

Day 3

Designing the Training Program

  • The Basics of Training Design: Gagne Principles
  • Training Design Activities
  • Purposes of Training Objectives
  • Writing Training Objectives
  • Developing Course Material

Day 4

Delivering the Training Program

  • The Training Session Plan
  • Training Delivery Activities
  • The Trainer, Train-The-Trainer and Trainees
  • The Training Site
  • Seating Arrangement
  • Scheduling and Administering the Training
  • Training Delivery: Problems and Solutions

Day 5

Transfer and evaluation of Training

  • The Definition of Transfer of Training
  • Barriers to the Transfer of Training
  • Transfer of Training Framework(’Role of Management, Trainer and Trainees, Before, During and After the Training)
  • Evaluating Training
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