Monitoring & Evaluation for Governance

Monitoring & Evaluation for Governance

Monday 26 Apr 2021

  • Duration: One Week
  • City: Madrid
  • Fees: Classroom: 4200 GBP / Online: 1900 GBP



Governance is the process of executing the policies and objectives of a business through supervision of operations, planning and assessment of performance, solving problems, and authorizing actions to be followed. Leadership, on the other hand, involves influencing people to achieve set goals through motivation, charisma, and dedication, based on strong principles and aspirate

The approaches used in implementing governance-leadership are important in determining whether the company’s objectives are being met effectively. When the goals of the governance-leadership strategy are reviewed, the company can tell if the objectives are being met. Definite scores, such as one to nine, are assigned to the expected results of governance-leadership initiatives. A low score implies that the effectiveness of governance-leadership is low.

This professional Course on monitoring and evaluation for governance provides a useful foundation to create successful frameworks for checking and analysing the implementation of development plans, budgets, projects, and programs. The course uses a viewpoint of utilizing M&E to improve governance therefore also considers the M&E within an oversight role.

By the end of this course the learners should be able to:

  • Understand monitoring and evaluation (M&E) in governance
  • Design a governance project using M&E frameworks
  • Develop governance indicators
  • Achieve a good comprehension of the job that M&E can play in boosting project and program control and policy decision making.             
  • Develop insight into the different stages of the evaluation process and tools/ methodologies that are most appropriate in different types of evaluations.
  • Get acquainted with debates on tools and challenges for checking and evaluating support of local governance and decentralization.
  • Define Theory of Change along with Critical pathway
  • Identify and produce governance performance indicators
  • Develop and develop M&E system/framework for governance program.
  • Assess the importance and usefulness of various methods and tools used in checking as well as evaluating governance programmes.

Who should attend…?

The program is the intended for Government officials and also Development advisors associated with the design, implementation, oversight, and management of national and sphere plans, budgets, projects and programs. Programme managers; Program staff members in control of checking governance projects; professionals doing work in civil society groups, governmental agencies involved with M&E and all those interested in M&E.

It focuses explicitly on staff members in Monitoring and Evaluation devices within Government Ministries along with Other oversight agencies and parliamentarians.

Course Outlines:

Day 1

  • Overview of Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Key principles and concepts in M&E
  • M&E in project lifecycle
  • Complementary roles of Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Governance, Leadership &​Public Value
  • Development Interventions

Day 2

  • Introduction to M&E for governance programs
  • Evaluation Process
  • Evaluation Criteria
  • Developing Evaluation Questions
  • Evaluation findings sharing and dissemination

Day 2

  • principles expressing a little dimension of public program performance
  • Specific problems encountered in checking and evaluating support to local governance and decentralization
  • Support for national M&E methods and also harmonized approaches
  • Log frame Analysis
  • Theory of Change along with Critical pathway

Day 3

  • Data demand and use in Governance Programs
  • Document of M&E Lessons learnt and Best Practices
  • Information Sharing
  • Setting performance indicators
  • Developing governance general performance frameworks/M&E system
  • M&E tactics and applications for governance programs

Day 4

  • Evaluating governance program
  • Managing Monitoring as well as Evaluation Practice
  • Impact Evaluation Designs
  • Implementation of Impact Evaluations in Governance programs
  • Monitoring Systems
  • Project Cycle management
  • Participatory Evaluation and Monitoring

Day 5

  • Public Performance and Finance Budgeting
  • Building necessary statistical and also analytical capacities
  • Communicating and reporting M&E results
  • Focus on several recent trends and also interesting practices
  • The significance of strategic alliances as well as harmonized approaches
  • Data demand and use in Governance Programs
  • Document of M&E Lessons learnt and Best Practices
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