Operations Management in Hospitals

Operations Management in Hospitals

Monday 20 Sep 2021

  • Duration: One Week
  • City: Madrid
  • Fees: Classroom: 4250 GBP / Online: 1925 GBP



This is course on the Hospital Operations Management where you will be learning about hospital operations management, Classification of Hospitals, Hospital Requirements and Standards, Various Division of Hospitals, Hospital Sectoral Diagram of Relationship, Hospital Operational Management Sections, History of Developmental Phases of hospitals and also about Developmental Phase and functions.

Course highlights:

Introduction to Hospital Operations Management aims at providing insight about the basics of Hospital and Hospital Functions. Further it will put insight on Classification of Hospital and functional categories. We will also describe about the Hospital and patient relationship.

What are the ways to make this hospital patient relationship stronger?

Requirement and standard norms to run the hospital as per the various industry like statutory requirements, Health insurance industry norms etc. We will also see the importance of Hospital accreditation procedures.

Statistical indicators of Hospital operations. How to identify the Hospital place in the industry and its immediate competitors in external environment.

We will also put emphasis on Cross functional departmental profile and its relationship in effective Hospital operations. Further we will classify this topic in broad six sections which will help to understand the Hospital operations on Macro and micro basis.


• At preparing learners to manage hospital operations in order to deliver quality treatment to patients through proper controlling.
• At exposing Learners to professional way of Managing Hospital operations effectively.
• At identifying the Hospital Current position in the market and to find the immediate competitor in the industry.

Course Outline:

Day 1

• Functional relationship and division of Hospitals.
• Classification of Hospitals.
• Hospital Requirements and Standards.
• Various Division of Hospitals.

Day 2

• Hospital Management Sections.
• Hospital Sectorial Diagram of Relationship.
• Hospital Operational Management Sections.

Day 3

• Developmental Phase & Functions of Hospitals.
• History of Developmental Phases of hospitals.
• Developmental Phase and functions.

Day 4

Day to Day Operations:

• Reduce ambulance diversions.
• Avoid bottlenecks and waiting times in the ED and ICU.
• Improve staffing solutions and quality of care.

Day 5

Financial department role in hospital operation management:

• Retain staff and reduce overtime expenditures.
• Improve financial performance.

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