Organizational Development (OD) Training

Organizational Development (OD) Training

Monday 17 May 2021

  • Duration: One Week
  • City: Madrid 
  • Fees: Classroom: 4300 GBP / Online: 1975 GBP



Organizational development (OD) is an effort to increase an organization’s effectiveness and viability and can involve the whole organization. Organisational development (OD) can be used as a proactive, continuous approach to facilitate better business performance. It can create a culture shift, reducing staff turnover and making an organisation more productive – for short term performance improvement and long term capability development. Despite this many organisations are not currently utilising an integrated OD approach, and HR professionals and others working with OD often struggle to articulate exactly what OD is and the value it offers.

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • demonstrate understanding of the history and visions of OD and the role of the OD practitioner
  • apply tools to diagnose an organisation’s effectiveness
  • advise on the role of diagnostic models in assessing the health of the organisation
  • obtain data to decide how to initiate and manage organisational changes, understand the link between data and type of intervention
  • assess your own instrumentality and personal development needs within the context of the OD role

Who should attend?

  • Senior Leaders
  • HR or learning and development roles
  • Manager or leaders leading change projects

Course Outlines:

Day 1

Introduction to the OD

  • What is OD and  Where does it come from?
  • What value does it add?
  • What is its relationship with HR?
  • What does it look like in practice?
  • Demystifying the organisation and working with organisational models
  • Looking at the organisation as a whole and ‘thinking in layers’
  • The OD Mindset: thinking systemically
  • Making sense of OD interventions

Day 2

Working with Big System Organisational Models and Frameworks

  • Understanding organisational models
  • Review of planned and systemic organisational frameworks
  • Using models to diagnose organisational health

 Day 3

The Self as Instrument

  • What kind of OD practitioner are you?
  • Using yourself as a diagnostic instrument
  • Making the most of you

Day 4

The Work of OD and its Concepts and Processes

  • Intake process
  • Transactional Analysis
  • Organisation Diagnosis
  • OD as a consultancy process
  • Getting below the surface to what really matters
  • OD interventions

Day 5

Choosing an Organisation Design Model and Approach

  • Making the case for organisation design
  • Relating structural choices to business strategy
  • Surfacing the risks in the organisation design project
  • Involving leaders and other stakeholders
  • Measuring progress during and after the design work.
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