Pioneer Skills for the HR Professionals

Pioneer Skills for the HR Professionals

Sunday 06 Sep 2020

  • Duration: One Week
  • City: Dubai
  • Fees: 3850 GBP


  This course is for Human Resources professionals or those who are about to start a career in Human Resources. The programme is also essential for experienced admins and managers in Human Resources who wish to update their knowledge and skills about the cutting-edge techniques in the various Human Resources functions.


  • Identify communication and explain its importance to the work of HR professionals.
  • Produce written HR correspondence and sample HR reports.
  • Amplify the basic skills of conflict resolution including influencing.
  • Comprehend the main principles of business and report writing.
  • Apply basic coaching techniques in HR specific circumstances.
  • Explain the keys of customer service in HR and the steps to establish the required mindset.

Course Outline

 Day 1

 Human Resources and Communication

  • Definition of Communication.
  • Communication in HR.
  • Questioning Techniques.
  • Listening and Empathy.
  • Characteristics of an Effective HR Communicator.
  • Interviewing Techniques:
  • The STAR Technique
  • The FACT Technique
  • The Probing Technique
  • The Leading Technique
  • Public Speaking fundamentals.

Day 2

Client-Centric HR Departments

  • Understanding Customer Service.
  • Internal Customers versus External Customers.
  • The significance of Customer Service in HR.
  • Establishing a Customer Service Mentality in the HR Department

Day 3

HR Business Communication and HR Report

  • Fundamentals of Business Writing.
  • Writing HR Reports.
  • Common Mistakes in Writing HR Correspondence and Reports.
  • Examples of HR Correspondence and Reports.

Day 4

Conflict Resolution: A Required Skill for HR Professionals

  • Definition of Conflict.
  • Sources of Conflict in HR.
  • Influencing Skills.
  • Thomas Kilmann Conflict Model.

Day 5

The 5 Principles of Coaching for HR Professionals:

  • Principle 1: Feedback
  • Principle 2: Accountability
  • Principle 3 Challenge
  • Principle 4: Tension
  • Principle 5: Systems
  • The “TGROW” Model of a Super Coach (Topic, Goal, Reality, Options, Will).
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