Quality and Cost Reduction for Productivity Improvement

Quality and Cost Reduction for Productivity Improvement

Monday 08 Feb 2021

  • Duration: One Week
  • City: London
  • Fees: Classroom: 3850 GBP / Online: 1925 GBP



This course is open to all, but is ideal for those working, or looking to work as Team Leader, Supervisor, Manager etc. It’s also great if you’re a business looking to inspire your management team to help improve overall business efficiency.


• Find techniques and means to enhance organisational and/or departmental productivity in order to increase profits and/or decrease/eliminate costs or losses.
• Use several cost reduction Techniques in order to meet changing global, statutory and market conditions.
• Recognise business processes in need for re-evaluating and/or reengineering.
• Identify and apply quality improvement techniques in order to improve productivity.

Course Outline

Day 1

Productivity Definition

• Definitions.
• Process-Based View.
• Productivity Limitations.
• The MUDA Factor.
• Eight Types of Waste.
• Cost of Poor Quality.

Day 2

Principles of Cost Reduction:
The Quality Approach

• Quality Defined.
• Avoiding Wastage and Adding Value to the Customer.
• (Cost Reduction Strategies).
• Cornerstones of Quality.
• Setting Up a Cost Reduction Program.
• Cost Savings Project Selection Roadmap.
• Barriers to Cost Reduction Programs.
• The Resistance Psychology in Humans.
• The Role of Suggestion Schemes.

Day 3

Productivity Improvement Tools

• Tool Selection.
• Brainstorming.
• Pareto.
• How-How Method.
• Why-Why Method.
• Ishikawa Fish-Bone Diagram.
• Six Sigma.
• Lean Principles.
• Non-Value-Added Analysis.
• Reengineering.
• The Focus Method.

Day 4

Cost Reduction Opportunities

• Streamlining the Organisation.
• The “ESSA” Method.
• Savings in Material Costs.
• Reducing the Costs of Services.
• 140 Ideas to Cut Costs.

Day 5

Measuring your Productivity Initiatives

• Key Performance Indicators.
• Setting Targets for Cost Reduction.
• Benchmarking.
• Types of Benchmarking.
• The Balanced Scorecard.
• The Dashboard.

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