The Complete Course on Project Management

The Complete Course on Project Management

Monday 04 Jan 2021

  • Duration: Two Weeks
  • City: London
  • Fees: Classroom: 7800 GBP / Online: 3900 GBP



10 day course on project management will provide all the skills to handle projects which includes complex business and commercial relationships

This course will provide a solid ground in project management techniques and approaches and is an excellent benchmark for project managers and for those who are planning to become project managers.

This course will provide all the necessary skills like planning and control and handover of projects efficiently. Analysis time and budget in projects; how to manage and reduce constraints.

Provide skills for tackling team leadership and skills for efficient communication in a project.

Course Objectives:

  • Methodology of project management
  • Preparing project plans and delivery of projects
  • Leadership skills for leading projects
  • Understanding of contracts
  • Managing team and project stakeholder relationship
  • Managing and resolving disputes with case studies and recent methods

Course Outlines:

Day 1

Importance of Contracts, and How to Prepare?

  • Need for contracts and how to prepare
  • Laws and regulations in a contract
  • Understanding the tender process
  • Concept of Law of Agency (Agency Authority)
  • Methods of strategic sourcing (alternative sourcing strategies)

Day 2

Documents for Security/ Guarantee

  • Understanding of the concept of bonds and guarantees
  • Security/guarantee documents for parent company
  • Insurance policies relating to contract
  • Importance of financial security
  • Performance security in a contract
  • Letters of intent in a contract

Day 3

Format/Layout of a Contract

  • Different forms of agreement
  • How to put the terms and conditions in a contract
  • Different types of contract for a project
  • Contract for International Trade ( title ownership) and risks associated with it
  • Reaction and preparation of notices
  • Understanding the legal process

Day 4

Resolving Conflicts/Disputes in a Project Work

  • Understanding how and when disputes occur
  • How to avoid conflict ?
  • Understanding how to negotiate and mediate
  • Understanding the concept of “Litigation” and “Arbitration”
  • Novel practices of dispute management

Day 5

Amendments/Change to Contract Documents

  • Change in clauses to a contract
  • How changes in work affect the project contract?
  • How to manage claims? , understanding the reason for claims
  • How delay in project affect the project contract?
  • Understanding and distinguishing between “Novation” and “Assignment” in a contract

Day 6

Introduction to Project Management

  • Methodology of project management
  • How to select projects that will meet the company/organization goals?
  • How to manage different programmes and portfolios in a project?
  • Unpredictable decisions in project selection
  • Management of project data and information

Day 7

Critical Chain Approach and Monitoring of a Project

  • Allocation of resources for a project
  • Concept of “Critical Chain Approach”- Critical Chain Project Management(CCPM)
  • Understanding the difference between “CCPM vs Critical Path”
  • Methodology of the monitoring cycle of a project
  • Understanding the performance indicators

Day 8

Scheduling, Budgeting and Planning of a Project

  • Tactics in project planning
  • Structure of a project plan
  • Importance and types of detail in a project plan
  • Budget plans for a project and budget management
  • Project dependencies and its methodology

Day 9

Role and Responsibilities of a Project Manager and Software Training

  • How to select a project manager for a project?
  • Roles of a project manager
  • Importance of authorizing with confidence
  • Leadership qualities of a project manager
  • How does a project manager respond to conflicts?
  • Workshop training on PMS(project management software)

Day 10

Closing and Handing Over of Projects

  • Steps for efficient handing over of projects
  • Analysis of project work performance
  • Reports of project work and records of work schedule
  • Understanding the factors for project success
  • Importance of creating a creative learning environment
  • Review of the course and “Question and Answer session”
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