The Practical Leader: Developing and Leading High Performing Teams

The Practical Leader - Developing and Leading High Performing Teams

Monday 05 July 2021

  • Duration: One Week
  • City: Madrid
  • Fees: Classroom: 4350 GBP / Online: 1975 GBP



The Practical Team Leader training course will allow you to explore what you actually do hour by hour, day by day, week by week, month by month as a team leader. Other training courses will teach you the theory of leadership, concentrating on style, vision, mission and values.

You may already know what good leaders do. You will hopefully have experienced good leadership in others, and you will also have encountered poor leadership.

Course Objectives:

  • Identify steps to create a close, mutually trusting relationship with team members and colleagues
  • Techniques to engage with and motivate employees
  • Develop and manage teams for optimum performance
  • Deal with under-performers in a positive, constructive way and encourage and support good performers
  • Delegate and empower effectively and in particular, communicate and run meetings effectively
  • Handle team change effectively

Course Outlines:

Day 1

Teams and their Leaders

  • The Relationship between Teams, Leaders and Managers
  • Key Leadership Tasks and Responsibilities
  • Balancing Influence, Authority and Power
  • Different Leadership Styles and Style Flexibility
  • Self-awareness and Getting Feedback
  • Emotional Intelligence and Rapport

Day 2

Vision, Direction & Alignment

  • Creating a Shared Vision
  • Aims, Objectives and Goal Alignment
  • Developing Meaningful Objectives and Indicators
  • Divergent Approaches to Problem-solving
  • Communicating a Compelling Vision
  • Taking a Coaching Approach to Problem Solving

Day 3

Team Dynamics

  • Stages of Team Development
  • The Sociology of The Team
  • Characteristics of High-performing Teams
  • Balancing Different Team Roles and Personality Types
  • Non-traditional Team Structures
  • Delegation and Empowerment

Day 4

Developing the Team

  • Personality Types and The Mix Needed For Success
  • Building a Coherent Team
  • Self-managing Teams and Their Challenges
  • Coaching, Mentoring and Self-directed Learning
  • Feedback and Appraisal
  • Leveraging Team Strengths For Peak Performance

Day 5

Performance & Conflict Management

  • Defining Performance
  • Approaches to Measuring Team and Individual Performance
  • Performance Management: Science or Art?
  • Giving and Receiving Feedback Effectively
  • Conflict as A Catalyst for Team Development
  • Dealing with Challenging Interpersonal Relations
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