The Three-Dimensions of Leadership

The Three-Dimensions of Leadership

Monday 27 Sep 2021

  • Duration: One Week
  • City: Madrid
  • Fees: Classroom: 4250 GBP / Online: 1925 GBP



The Three-Dimensions of Leadership training course instructs people from the boardroom to the mailroom to support company goals in every situation by identifying and focusing on the mission that matters most, to work with the four types of employees so they rally as resources to cooperate as a team that negotiates the big-picture of organizational channels and politics to convert within the context.

Course Objectives:

The Three-Dimensions of Leadership will teach leaders how to approach every situation at work by identifying and maintaining the Three-Dimensional Mission, Resources and Context (3-D MRC) outlook and focus in which all organizational accomplishment is rooted. From the opening to the closing sessions each participant is given dozens of profound yet practical concepts that are easy to understand, are reinforced with numerous real-life examples and experiences everyone sees around them at work and which immediately can be applied as soon as you arrive back in the shop, unit and office!

Course Outlines:


  • New conceptual model of organisational leadership
  • The role of organisational leadership
  • Mediate between organisational task demands and subordinates’ goals or needs


  • The three proposed dimensions of leader behaviour, illustrated by items from factor analytic Studies, which have high loadings on each dimension
  • Task orientation dimension
  • Presents the theoretical model with the three dimensions specified


  • The Triple-T Delegation Dynamics: Training, Timing, Trusting
  • Supervising The 4 Types of Employees for Productive Working Relationships
  • Achieving The 3-C’s of Emotional Intelligence: Communication, Cooperation & Coordination

Day 4:

  • Initiating Incentive Awards That Motivate & Inflate Individual & Team Performance
  • The 3-M’s of Change Management: the right Motivation, Map, and Message
  • The 5-Factors of Out-of-the-Box Thinking That Accomplish Innovation

Day 5:

  • Negotiating The Organization’s Big Picture, Political & Operational Context
  • Becoming 3-D SEM Masters Who Submit Ego to the Mission
  • Developing & self-assessing your 3-D leadership profile
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