Total Quality Management and Improvement Tools

Monday 28 June 2021

  • Duration: One Week
  • City: London
  • Fees: 3900 GBP



This course is designed for:
Individuals, managers, supervisors and all those who are engaged in TQM implementation and improving organizational performance.


– The importance of quality models.
– Identify various quality concepts.
– Compare various TQM philosophies.
– Apply TQM improvement tools to enhance customer satisfaction and improve processes within their organization.
– Discuss widely-used improvement methodologies.

Course Outline

Day 1

Introduction to Total Quality Management (TQM) Concepts

– Definition of Quality and Quality Models.
– History of Quality.
– What is TQM?
– The Relationship Between ISO 9000 and TQM.
– Benefits of Implementing a Quality Model.
– The Cost of Poor Quality.
– The Gurus Comparison (Deming, Crosby, Juran, Etc.).
– National Quality Award:
o The Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award.
o EFQM, Dubai Quality Award and HH Sheikh Khalifa Excellence Award.
– Selecting the Right Model for Your Organization.
– The Quality Maturity Ladder.

Day 2

The Success Elements of TQM

– Customer-Driven Quality.
– Plan-Do-Check-Act Model (PDCA).
– Eight Step Problem-Solving Methodology.
– Process Thinking.
– Eliminating the Non-Value Added.
– Management by Facts and Data.
– Continual Improvement and Kaizen.
– Enhanced Employee Participation and Decision-Making through Idea Generating Systems.
– Employee Reward and Recognition.

Day 3

Improvement Tools and Methodologies

– What Is a Quality Tool?
– The Seven Quality Control Tools.
– Cause-and-Effect Diagram, Check Sheet, Control Charts, Histogram, Pareto Chart, Scatter Diagram, Stratification.
– Brainstorming.
– Tree Diagrams: How-How and Why-Why Diagrams.
– Force Field Analysis.
– Affinity Diagrams.
– Process Mapping.
– Poka Yoke.
– Lean Thinking.
– Visual Management and 5S Program.
– Six Sigma.

Day 4

Benchmarking as a Tool to Improve Quality and Business Processes

– What is Benchmarking? Why Benchmark?
– Levels of Benchmarking.

Day 5

Elements of a Continuous Improvement Process

– The Eight Steps to Achieve Improvement.
– Critical Success Factors and Common Failure Factors in TQM.

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