Ultimate Data Management, Manipulation and Analysis Using Excel

Ultimate Data Management, Manipulation and Analysis Using Excel

Monday 03 Feb 2020

  • Duration: One Week
  • City: Madrid
  • Fees: 3900 GBP


This course is perfect for experts who have, or will next have, duty regarding managing and controlling data utilizing MS Excel on an everyday basis. The course requires zero background, starts with an introduction to the Excel environment and finishes with learners being expert in utilizing 50+ MS Excel functions, complex data management and diagramming procedures and advanced data analysis ability.


After this course, learners will be able to:

  • Analyse relations through information and data by MS Excel.
  • The method you use to create a forecast.
  • Arrange your company’s data in a more structured way.
  • Analyse your data successfully by different MS Excel techniques.
  • Choose the suitable chart for your data.

Course Outline

Day 1

An Introduction to the MS Excel Environment

  • Cell referencing, cell formatting and entering formula.
  • Workbooks vs. Worksheets.
  • Copy and pasting.
  • Left click vs. right click.
  • Paste particular.
  • Introductory charts.

Day 2

Using MS Excel Functions for Fundamental Data Analysis

  • Utilize of text function, FIND(), LEN(), LEFT(), RIGHT() and &
  • Utilize of count functions, COUNTA(), COUNTIF(), COUNTIFS() and SUMIF()
  • Main statistical functions, Max and Average.
  • Sorting, Filtering and use of conditional formatting.
  • Scatter diagrams.

 Day 3

Intermediate MS Excel Functions

  • Utilizing of VLOOKUP() and HLOOKUP().
  • Date functions, YEAR(), MONTH(), DAY(), YEARFRAC().
  • Choosing suitable charts.
  • Introduction to Pivot tables.

 Day 4

Carrying out Statistical Analysis using MS Excel

  • Learn how to use MS Excel to calculate median, mode and mean.
  • The distinction among the many standard deviation and variance function in MS Excel.
  • Utilizing MS Excel to check inter-dependency.
  • Designing histograms in MS Excel.
  • Introduction to Data Analysis functions.

 Day 5

What if and Scenario Analysis Using MS Excel

  • Naming cells in MS Excel.
  • Linking cells together to conduct scenario analysis.
  • Introduction to solver.
  • Advanced charting.
  • participate MS Excel result with other office formats.

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